Here is the moment every screenwriter has been waiting for, the announcement of our judging panel for the 2014 Launch Pad Feature Competition! You’ll see some of our judges from the past are back for more and that we have added a whole slew of new names as well, but before we give you the link to really see just how amazing all of these men and women are, we want to throw a few stats at you first. 

Did you know?

  • In just over 1 year The Launch Pad has awarded 64 projects and led to 43 writers landing representation from major agencies and/or management companies that have helped kickstart their careers. That’s 67% of every Launch Pad writer!
  • 6 of the Top 25 from last year’s Launch Pad Feature Competition found themselves on at least one end of the year “Best of” list (Hit List, Black List, Blood List, Young & Hungry List) after their script was announced on The Tracking Board.
  • 24 projects have been set up through the Launch Pad program.

How did these writer’s find so much success in less than one year? Because of our all-star, heavy hitter, cream of the crop, creme de la creme, top shelf, A+ judging panels. Our judging panels have consistently been made up of the top tier agents, managers, producers and executives this town has to offer. We’re not interested in having an assistant or intern read your script and then try to sell it up the ladder (as you’ll see with most every single competition out there today) – instead, we go straight to the top rung, and we have the partners, the VPs and the executives reading your work – and ultimately making the decision themselves!  With our proven results thus far, we’ve become one of (if not the only) competition that has a waiting list to become a judge. Don’t believe that our judging panels are that good? Here are a few more stats from our panels that just may prove otherwise:

  • Our judges have collectively represented 66% of ALL Hit List, Black List, and Blood List projects over the last 4 years. That’s 2 out of 3 of the BEST scripts of the year!
  • In the last 4 years they have represented EVERY #1 project on both the Hit List and Black List.
  • In 2013 they set up 79 of the 148 specs that were set up. That’s more than 50% of every spec set up in 2013!
  • Our judging panels are currently active producers on well over 4 dozen projects currently in development.
  • A majority of our judging panels are principals, partners, or high level executives that their companies. That means if they find something they like, they go after it, they don’t have to sell it to their bosses.

If that wasn’t enough, we are also announcing a special deal for the end of this competition, the REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM. Your way to receive free Feedback Notes on your Launch Pad entry!

That’s right; if a friend enters your name into the special “REFERRER’S NAME” box at the time of their purchase, YOU get free Feedback Notes on your 2014 Launch Pad Features entry. A $55 dollar value absolutely free!

But that’s not all! The person who you refer will also receive 10% off their LPFC entry! Just give them the Coupon Code (found in the link below) along with your name and it’s a win-win!

Not only will you be getting free insight to where your script placed in the competition (as well as helpful thoughts and comments) but you will be giving your friend a discounted opportunity to be part of the best screenwriting competition in Hollywood!

So, who’s career will YOU help launch?



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