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Assistant/Coordinator of Production at Banijay Americas
Assistant, International TV & Digital Distribution at Lionsgate
Development & Production Coordinator for Mattel Films

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Housefire Management is out with SLOW MOTION by Mike Spohr. An action movie junkie who moves at the speed of molasses gets his shot to become a hero when a cosmic event causes….

Stefanie Epstein Productions is out with THE PRINCESS EXPERIENCE by Geoffrey Ashley. After a suicide attempt, a meek, birthday party princess has a seeming break with reality when her favorite cartoon heroine from childhood crosses into our real world as….

Stefanie Epstein Productions is out with FRONTIERS by Geoffrey Ashley. An army deserter and his partner — the alien super-intelligence inhabiting his ship — seize the chance to impress a mysterious, intergalactic gangster, setting the soldier on the path toward….

Silver Bitela Agency is out with SORRY, NOT SORRY by Christopher Bradley. A gay man must make amends to those he’s hurt because of his alcoholism, but each apology seems to….

Housefire Management is out with FEARLESS by Rich Van Tine. When a drug that eliminates fear causes an epidemic, a young personal trainer becomes a “Phobyx” addict in order to gain the courage to get revenge on….

Logical Talent Management is out with WEST POINT by Valerie Brotski. A cross-section of America’s best and brightest teenagers takes an oath to serve their country, committing to spend the next four years enduring mental, emotional, and physical challenges. As the cadets progress through their training, they form….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with RETARGETED by Sean Platt and Kathryn Cottam. A tech-savvy high school outcast leads her band of misfit friends in a ruthless social media campaign to dethrone her former….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with BESTIE by Sean Platt and David W. Wright. When a sixteen-year-old orphan moves from a mental institution into a conservative foster home, her imaginary friend emerges, coaxing her to….

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Establishes a good working relationship with the SPA creative team, Show Directors, Line Producer, Key Leads and including but not limited to BA, Legal, Finance, Recruiting, Facilities, P&O, Technology, Operations and Post.

Attend technical scouts and final production meetings to confirm that the final stages of pre-production are on course for a successful shoot, and supervise reshoots for maximum production value while minimizing the impact to the post schedule.

Assisting a small team of Creative Executives, including diary management, scheduling external meetings, expenses and coordinating travel. Tracking development projects, including key submissions and creative updates on projects.

Works closely with Coordinating Producers, Senior Producers, Segment Producers and other Production Assistants on a daily basis to support content created for daily studio programming.