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Production Coordinator for Disney Live Action
Assistant, Legal for Skydance Media
Production Assistant for Studio B (UK)
Managing Director for Warner Bros International TV Production (BE)

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Midwest Talent Management is out with ABOLITION by Tony McBride. When a demon from the past returns to a small town for vengeance against the townspeople, a young slave-hand must battle his inner fears to form a team to uncover….

Midwest Talent Management is out with THE REJECTS by Tony McBride. When a group of kids with “gross and nasty” mutant powers discover that they’re not good enough to be normal superheroes, they must join forces to fight….

Silver Bitela Agency is out with CLAUSE 13 by Craig Sabin. A security guard father-to-be pisses off real superheroes by accidentally killing one, and has to run for his….

Magnet Management is out with THE EXECUTIONER by Jud Cremata. Awaiting trial, an imprisoned cop is granted bereavement leave to travel to Guatemala to bury his expat father but gets caught between….

Midwest Talent Management is out with THE MYRTLES by Tony McBride. When an evil Mayor plots to take over Old City Philadelphia, a young orphan must harness powers to overcome his inner demons and gather a group of friends to save….

Midwest Talent Management is out with THE FUHRER by Tony McBride. When a former Corporal in the Bavarian Army seizes control of Germany just after World War I, the world braces for a new world war while it witnesses….

Midwest Talent Management is out with THE LAST JITNEY by Tony McBride. A man who still drives a Jitney in 2020 must put aside long-time grudges to navigate the pandemic during….

Midwest Talent Management is out with MAIA by Tony McBride. In 2092, a bodyguard with a past and a hatred for androids is hired to protect a very special client from….

Midwest Talent Management is out with CHASE THE LION by Tony McBride. A team of amputees form a wheelchair basketball team in pursuit of a second chance at life only to face….

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Provide administrative support to three Vice Presidents, including but not limited to: Answer phones; manage calendars, meetings, and conference calls; book/confirm travel; and manage expense reports.

Assist in preparing work product, including drafting agreements, contract tracking and presentations. Track and update status of projects in various databases.

Work directly with and assist the Production Executive to coordinate all features associated with the Production Executive’s office from strategic planning, and pre-production through the wrap of physical production.

Handle incoming and outgoing phone calls with professionalism. Oversee day-to-day office management to ensure smooth operations.