Karl Urban Joins In On Fun In “Pete’s Dragon”


 has been announced to star in Disney’s hybrid live-action/animated remake of PETE’S DRAGON. The announcement comes at the heels of reports that Michael C. Hall has unexpectedly dropped out of the project. It has yet to be confirmed which role Urban will be playing.

While the new script follows the plot of its 1997 musical predecessor fairly closely, some modifications have been made. The children’s film follows a lonely orphaned boy named Pete who leaves his abusive foster family and arrives in a small fishing village in Maine where he is befriended by a dragon named Elliott. While in the original version Pete finds refuge in a small fishing town, the new film will instead set the action in a logging village. 

Urban is most recognized for his work as Dr. “Bones” McCoy in the Star Trek franchise, as Eomer in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and as Vaako in the Riddick films.

His most recent thriller, The Loft, was recently released and he will soon start on the third installment of the intergalactic phenom Star Trek

Urban is repped by and 


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