2016 Launch Pad Alum Jay Riedl Signs With Echo Lake Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE)


Jay Riedl Echo Lake

〉Riedl joins the ranks of over 150 Launch Pad to land representation in three years.

We are excited to announce that 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition writer has signed with , , and of . Her television pilot recently placed in the Top 50 of the 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition.

Described as UnReal meets The Newsroom, Snark takes place in the office of a gossip news site, where the staff must grapple with running ruthless, despicable stories and their own consciences.

The half-hour comedy drama impressed our readers for its commitment to pushing the envelope and no-holds-barred social commentary. Audiences will laugh at the cutting dialogue and dark humor, which perfectly explores the culture of celebrity culture and environments like TMZ or BuzzFeed.

Riedl studied at University of New South Wales, Australia and earned her Bachelor of Arts before studying Acting at the Atlantic Company, New York. Her credits include numerous stage and screen performances. She then went on to become the Artistic and Producer of Hair of the Dog, a downtown New York theater company, where they produced five full-scale off-off-Broadway productions, multiple play readings, and one short film. Her films have been screened at festivals around the world and she is currently completing her Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting/Directing at Columbia University on a merit scholarship.

Congratulations Jay! We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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