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So, the second episode of 24: LEGACY is an improvement over the first episode with Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) still in a race against time to get the USB of sleeper cells ready to be activated. But Carter is not the only one in a dire situation, as it wouldn’t be 24 without every character being in a tight spot no matter how big or small. The problems of the first episode are still here but are dialed back much, much more as the clock continues to tick away.

24: LEGACY: Miranda Otto. 24: LEGACY begins its two-night premiere event following "SUPERBOWL LI" on Sunday, Feb. 5, and will continue Monday, Feb. 6 on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Still working with Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), Eric gets a call from Ben Grimes (Charlie Hofheimer) stating he has one hour to deliver two million dollars in cash or else he sells the USB drive back to Bin-Khalid’s men. With no other choice, Eric decides to get himself arrested and steal the money from a police station that’s in an evidence lock up. Meanwhile, while Rebecca is assisting Eric, her and Andy Shalowitz (Dan Bucatinsky) run a trace to uncover the leak of Army Rangers as they have Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) tied up in an interrogation room.

I’m gonna be honest here, a lot of this is mighty convenient for convenience’s sake. Eric’s drug-dealing brother (sighs) Issac (Ashley Thomas) just happens to know that a heroin raid happened and exactly which police precinct the two million in cash is being held. Okay man. Everyone is right that stealing money from a police precinct is suicide. But before I continue any further, yes, he asked Rebecca directly for the money to which she said it would be impossible to get in a short amount of time. So back to this dumb plan, to which I don’t understand why he doesn’t just go to Eric and subdue him as he handed him a bag a fake money or something to that extent. Eric did say Ben is responsible for the death of his squad, as he did take the long box from Ben-Khalid. Eric also blames himself, as Ben was not in the right state of mind before they even went on the mission. Ben was doing his paranoid rantings and should’ve benched him. Seeing how they try to tackle Black Lives Matter is kinda messy as well, as it’s used as a plot point more than anything else. Eric assuming that white cops arrest him is borderline insensitive. Even though that comes to pass and we learn as Eric (who hijacked the arrest and forces the cops to take him to the precinct) is taken in, that the cop that went after him has an open Internal Affairs case against him for police brutality. This all could’ve been handled with great commentary if it wasn’t glazed over and be about as subtle as a boulder.  And since Legacy keeps the 24 tradition of CTU agents ratting each other out, the operation goes south as Mullins is freed and has Rebecca and Andy locked up in an interrogation room leaving Eric out to dry just as he needs an exit after acquiring the cash.


Just as the two are locked out, they discover that it was Rebecca’s old CTU access that was used by Nilaa Mizrani (Sheila Vand), who is Rebecca’s husband’s campaign manager. Her husband Senator John Donovan (Jimmy Smits) finds out through his father Henry (Gerald McRaney) that Nilaa attended a radical Islamist mosque years prior. And here comes that Islamophobia again. Even though Nilaa tells John that she went there to oppose the mosque, now we must believe that not only is she lying, but she also has to be the one who masterminded all this for Ben-Khalid’s son who is behind all this. Surely, she can’t be set up by someone else cause all Muslims are terrorists. I truly hope it was someone else close to John who’s behind this and not Nilaa. I mean c’mon.


Now on to Amira Dubayev (Kathryn Prescott), the high school student who is planning an attack with her brother and teacher. She’s also sleeping with her teacher who is helping her plan the attack. Well, Drew Phelps (Zayne Emory) a fellow high school student who has a crush on Amira and reported her last episode, finds Amira performing oral sex on the teacher who he told last episode. Drew’s fortunes take a turn for the worst as he gets pummeled to death by the teacher in a scuffle. Where exactly this plotline is going and how it ties into the bigger picture remains to be seen, but as of now, this feels really dirty.

Issac is in the middle of a major drug deal that brings him good fortunes. However, Aisha (Tiffany Hines) is not pleased that Eric’s wife Nicole (Anna Diop) is at their place. Listening in on the conversation, Aisha hears Issac tell Nicole how she is never satisfied with anything and how he plans to dump her once the deal is done. Aisha then makes plans with Issac’s second in command to take over once the deal is done. Afterward, Aisha phones the Dominicans and offers them money to take out Issac once the deal goes down. Nicole hears all of this, however, because in 24’s world everyone is lurking around a corner with good hearing to hear every conversation everyone has. It’s bad enough to have Eric’s brother be a drug dealer, but do we really need this secondary plot on how everyone is double crossing each other here? This comes off as filler and a bootleg copy of The Wire. There’s absolutely no reason this should be a plotline on 24.

 This was a slightly better episode than the premiere, but again a lot of this feels extraneous. I have no idea how all these plotlines are gonna tie together and we seem to be going down the road of the awful season two plot of 24 where Kim Bauer got caught in the mountain lion trap while the mountain lion tries desperately to eat her. Or in season three where Jack was a junkie. It’s funny how the creators of the original 24 left to do Homeland and asked real government officials how plausible the plot of 24: Legacy is. The government officials laughed. This is how I feel about the show so far. I thought a retooled 24 with a black lead character could be a worthwhile addition to the franchise. I may have given too much credit to Manny Coto and Evan Katz. I still want to be proven wrong, but boy are you guys not helping your case any.


Season 1, Episode 2 (S01E02)
24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8PM on Fox

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