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With the hunt for Rebecca (Miranda Otto) on, everyone rallies together as an uncovered conspiracy may be the key to saving her life on this week’s 24: LEGACY. As secrets come out, the entire day comes into focus. Some harsh truths are discovered about Rebecca, but those truths may be her salvation as Ibrahim bin-Khalid (Eli Danker) desperately preps a public execution for Rebecca.


Everything revolves around National Intelligence Director Donald Simms (James Moses Black) this episode. He sends Daniel Peng (C.S. Lee) to watch over Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) and possibly take over permanently and we find out that he has Naseri’s (Oded Fehr) daughter held captive under the code name East July. With Andy (Dan Bucatinsky) and Keith running a secret op to aid Eric (Corey Hawkins) and Senator John Donovan (Jimmy Smits).

While keeping Peng busy, Andy tells Keith that Simms is into something and shows Keith everything he’s uncovered. The two call Eric who just got chewed out by John for losing Rebecca. With Eric up to speed on East July aka Naseri’s kidnapped daughter, Carter convinces John to help him get into the Pentagon and get to Simms’ computer. As the John and Eric head over to the Pentagon, the two men bond. Between commercial breaks, John has Eric shower and fully dressed in a suit to pose as his Secret Service security detail (another sure okay moment for me). As the two arrive at the Pentagon, Andy, Keith, and Mariana (Coral Peña) are coming up with credentials for Eric to enter the building. Quickly I might add. With Simms expecting John, he knows something’s off. He has Tony Almeida on speed dial the same as Rebecca and tells him to kill Naseri’s daughter and the team he has in place to tie up loose ends. When John and Eric arrive at Simms’ office, Eric holds him at gunpoint and finds the encrypted flash drive around Simms’ neck. With his fingerprint opening the drive, Eric manages to patch Andy through as Eric, Andy and John manage to find the location for Naseri’s daughter. Saving her and using her for an exchange with Rebecca is the only play as John tells Eric to head to the farmhouse to get her while he babysits Simms. He tells Eric to let all the aides know to not to disturb them.


Sidra (Moran Atias) points out to Tony how messed up it is sending a ten-year-old girl to a black site, to which Tony tells her that’s not their concern. Simms pleads with John to let him go and get back to work. He says that Rebecca understood the meaning of doing what’s necessary, telling John she had a hand in the kidnapping. As Eric arrives on-site, Andy mirrors the satellite feed to his phone making it easier for Eric to enter and take out the guards. He does with relative ease and manages to secure Naseri’s daughter who has a hard time trusting him as he’s American. Once Eric gets her to trust him, it’s too late as Tony arrives with his team and surrounds the farmhouse. Andy still in contact with Eric, calls John to tell him that he needs to get Simms to cancel the op. With Simms unwilling to help, Andy must decrypt Simms’ phone so John can call Tony to get him to back off. With Peng breathing down Keith’s neck, Keith is forced to put him in a sleeper hold in front of all of CTU staff, yet no one manages to see it. Tony tells Eric that since he’s already been paid, he needs to finish the . With no other option, Tony orders for Eric to be killed as they move in.

Meanwhile, Rebecca attempts suicide en-route to bin-Khalid’s hideout by slashing her wrists. Once there Naseri and his men patch her up and nurse her to health so she can be publicly executed for the world to see. As she’s being nursed back to health, Naseri promises her that she’ll pay for killing his daughter. Naseri and bin-Khalid will make sure her death will stand for something.


This episode was better than usual, but not without its giant leaps of logic. I came home after seeing The Fate of the Furious for the second time last night to watch this. The Fast & Furious franchise has more logically plausibility than this show and that’s saying something as Fate is a frustrating new entry into that film series. The thing is that serious knows it’s dumb and doesn’t try to hide it, so the dumbness is endearing where here it’s infuriating. One of my favorite points about this episode is that Anna Diop’s Nicole and Ashley Thomas’ Isaac are nowhere to be found which meant no love triangle. Any episode where we don’t have to deal with that is a huge win.

I found myself conflicted as Naseri is a true P.O.S., yet what happened with his daughter is shameful. Her being afraid of Eric because he’s an American really shook me to my core. How many people in foreign countries view me as an evil person because of my nationality left me feeling a bit dejected. Naseri needs to face justice, but at the same time, his daughter deserves a happy ending out of all of this. The thing is I don’t know how that works without Naseri getting away. The guy did kill a whole family just to get to the Army Ranger’s intel source (this including three children). I gotta admit to Oded Fehr is doing a great of making me hate the guy which is a complete one-eighty from his very likable role of Ardeth Bay from the highly entertaining 1999 version of The Mummy and it’s lesser sequel The Mummy Returns.

Speaking of familiar faces, it was hard for me to take C.S. Lee seriously in the role of Daniel Peng as to me he’ll always be Vince Masuka from Dexter. Masuka was hard to take seriously and was a walking sexual harassment lawsuit as he was always horny and hitting on every female coworker he could. While he was competent, he was also bumbling sort of what we got in this episode with Peng who seems really gung-ho on taking Keith’s . I found it hilarious that not one person saw Keith put him in a sleeper hold in full view of the office, but hey that’s 24: Legacy.


With next week’s finale, it seems like there’s still much that needs to be addressed. How exactly are they gonna wrap this up is beyond my guess, but I imagine, they’re gonna have to move a quickly as possible after dragging their feet of things for a few past episodes. Eric Carter is a good hero and one to rival Jack Bauer. In a TV movie, I’d love to see the two work together over the course of two hours. Not a whole season as it seems this franchise has run out of steam.
TB-TV-Grade-C+Season 1, Episode 11 (S01E11)
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