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The clock stops as we reach the end of the season (series?) for 24: LEGACY. Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) over the course of the season has shown he’s just as capable as Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. But before he can ride off into the sunset so to speak, there’s still the problem of Naseri (Oded Fehr), Sheikh Ibrahim bin-Khalid (Eli Danker) and Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto). With less than an hour to save the day, Eric must first save himself and then save Rebecca.

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With Rebecca’s public execution being staged by Naseri and bin-Khalid over a livestream, Eric is running out of time to save her life. With Eric being pinned down by Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) and his men, Eric must use his wits and skills to save himself as well as Naseri’s daughter if he hopes to save Rebecca and bring the two men to justice.

This was the best episode of this spin-off. Everything lined up and made sense despite opening with a badly shot and edited fight between Eric and Tony that reminded me of the Taken sequels. In retrospect, Tony ended up being a non-entity this season, and his big (overhyped) return didn’t add up to much. With Tony exiting stage left if this show continues I wonder if he’ll be brought back and I really hope not. 24 fans were excited at the possibilities of Tony’s return. Under the circumstances we got, he seemed a bit like a deus ex machina. Yes, Tony was a plot device more than he was actually a character and it’s a shame as he’s a total non-entity. I’m glad John Donovan (Jimmy Smits) got to make that phone call to prevent Eric’s death, but still man.


Speaking of, Jimmy Smits put in some really good work this episode. The episode’s last sixteen minutes offered up an opportunity for Smits to shine and he took it and ran. For the first time ever, I believed that Rebecca and John were truly in love and that is in part to Smits’ performance. You felt his heartache as he makes some tough choices. Gerald McRaney as John’s father Henry got to flex his acting muscles as well. The scene between Henry and John was a powerful one and finally made Henry’s character sympathetic.

We get the first silent clock of the spin-off as the exchange doesn’t go as planned. Eric manages to call Naseri with proof of life for his daughter. With Naseri turning on bin-Khalid’s men by killing them all except for bin-Khalid himself, he agrees to terms. Just as I started to feel some sympathy for the man Naseri shows no remorse or regret for killing the innocent family he did of Eric’s informant all those years ago. So yes, while I was happy to see his daughter escape the situation she was in and able to return to her country, I was happy to see Naseri’s demise even at the cost of Rebecca’s life. Naseri should have killed bin-Khalid as I knew this man would not let him get away clean. Ibrahim escaping the handcuffs manages to get a hold of a pistol shooting Naseri in the back and firing at Eric to which Rebecca jumps in the way to save Eric’s life. With Eric shooting bin-Khalid dead, Rebecca calls for John. At that moment, I knew it was over. It was also solid writing having Rebecca call out his name. In the ambulance ride to the hospital, Rebecca tells Eric that the job is both a gift and a curse and to deal with it “go where it leads you”. With Rebecca in the hospital and seeing John one last time, she expires.


The goal of this entire season was to make Eric a CTU agent with him choosing this life for himself. Now that we got the entire season under our belts, I can’t help but wonder why he wouldn’t want to be on John’s Secret Service detail. Or why John wouldn’t personally request Eric is assigned to him. I can say that Eric and Nicole’s (Anna Diop) relationship was the best it’s ever been in the final scene of the season. With Nicole wanting to be by Eric’s side no matter what, the two come out stronger than ever as Eric becomes an agent. With all that love triangle B.S., we get a bad explanation for Issac’s absence after him being heavily featured in this story.

There were no big surprises in this final episode other than Rebecca’s death, which left me emotionally cold. If you didn’t see DNI Simms’ (James Moses Black) suicide coming I’m absolutely speechless. That is due in part to the shoddy writing of the entire season of 24: Legacy. Was it worth it to bring back this franchise? I don’t think so, as in the grand scheme of things this doesn’t add anything new or different to the 24 lore despite Eric Carter being a more than worthy replacement to Jack Bauer. This whole thing felt like an exercise in reviving a franchise that should’ve ended or did another television movie.


It’s a problem with a lot of franchises these days whether, in books, television or film, everything seems to outstay its welcome. There are a couple of loose ends with Aisha and Luis still in the wind, but if this is truly it for the 24 franchise (and from what I’m hearing this is it), it’ll be the first that has everything more or less wrapped up with John running for President and Eric becoming an agent, this is the “happiest” ending 24 has ever had. 24: Legacy infuriated me with its writing, politics, and completely tone deaf moments and plots so much that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If I had to give this season as a whole a rating it’d be a C-minus leaning more towards a D-plus. Goodbye 24: Legacy. It’s been truly something.


Season 1, Episode 12 (S01E12)
24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8PM on Fox

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