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And we hit a filler episode of 24: LEGACY. As Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) and Ben Grimes (Charlie Hofheimer) seek out Gabriel, Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) and her Senator husband John Donovan (Jimmy Smits) interrogate his father Henry Donovan (Gerald McRaney) about the leak. As one storyline converges, another one gets more and more useless in this 5th hour of 24: Legacy.

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As Eric and Ben are en route to meet Gabriel, they stop by a convenience store so Ben can shave and change clothes in a moving vehicle. I wanna state as a man who grooms himself, shaving in a moving vehicle is next to impossible unless you want your face to be Swiss cheese. Anyways, Eric gets in touch with Rebecca, who puts him on speaker for Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) hear, and instead of sending a team to retrieve the two fugitives they instead back their plan to take Gabriel by setting up a tactical team where Eric needs them to be. Keith knows Andy Shalowitz (Dan Bucatinsky) aided the two by giving them the missile schematics and benches him by taking away all of his privileges. With no proof of how it was done, Keith cannot fire him (remember Keith doesn’t like Andy and has been looking for a reason to fire him). So with that Eric and Ben arrive to meet Gabriel (Andrew Howard).

Gabriel is no pleased, at all, to see Ben as he forces Ben to tell Eric about their current situation. Ben failed to tell Eric that Gabriel entrusted fifty thousand for an arms deal. Ben swears he was robbed and pistol whipped as the money was taken from him, Gabriel thinks otherwise (his heroin addiction). Gabriel gives Eric a choice to either kill Ben or no deal. Eric decides not to kill Ben which makes Gabriel trust him due to loyalty, but has Ben killed anyways. Eric is moved to Gabriel’s office in which Eric then shows him the schematics. However, Eric then attacks Gabriel and his right-hand man and gets the upper hand while managing to alert the CTU tactical team that’s ten minutes out. Gabriel has a silent alarm on his watch which alerts his men and they attack swiftly. Eric manages to hold back and kill the men as they enter the room just as CTU arrives to take out the rest of the men. Eric manages to get Gabriel in his cross hairs saying it’s over and to tell him why he sold guns to bin-Khalid and where his location is. Well, Gabriel claims himself to be a patriot never doing business with terrorists and not to be taken alive slits his own throat before the CTU medic can reach him. As he dies, Eric and the team try to access the laptop which has a fail-safe data wipe. As all of the data is erased, Eric scrambles the laptop over to Gabriel’s corpse using a fingerprint scanner to reverse the process.

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Back at CTU, Nilaa Mizrani (Sheila Vand) is released but tells Rebecca that she can’t trust her or John again as her reputation is ruined. Rebecca tells her it was John who believed in her and uncovered that the footage was doctored. John arrives at CTU with Henry to start the interrogation. Henry denies everything vehemently angering John who storms in on the interrogation. Rebecca tells him to leave.

Meanwhile, in the projects, Eric’s brother and wife Issac (Ashley Thomas) and Nicole (Anna Diop) arrive back at Issac’s apartment where an unstable Issac demands everyone in his crew turn over their phones as he’s gonna check who they’ve been in contact with. As Eric and Ben where en route to Gabriel, she called Eric asking to leave. As he’s still not out of dealing with the terrorist attack, he tells her to go to Christine’s. Once the call ends, one of Issac’s men, Andre (Sam Malone), comes in and pleads with her to talk to Issac as he hasn’t been himself since she left with Eric. Nicole relents and talks to Issac. She saying he’s being too paranoid. She has to remind him that she saved his life to which he says that she let Aisha and Jerome go free. She tells him he’s losing his men’s trust. She says that they might turn on him if his behavior continues to be erratic. Issac grabs Nicole and throws out of his room to the shock and horror of his men looking on. Realizing what he’s done, he locks himself in his room and cools down. As Nicole packs to leave for Christine’s, Issac apologizes to her but asks her stay which she does. But Nicole tells him to never touch her again.

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Jadalla bin-Khalid (Raphael Acloque) is patiently waiting for the corrupted files to be saved. His second in command is becoming impatient. Jadalla refuses to strike as his father wanted fifteen simultaneous attacks all at once. Once it’s been made clear that the other cells have been lost, but one has been saved, the second in command activates the lone cell behind Jadalla’s back. Once Jadalla finds out it’s too late to contact the cell to tell them to wait. Jadalla tells his second in command that he lacks faith making him dangerous and pulls a gun on him, to which he rebukes he went to a university and has never killed anyone and he won’t kill him. Jadalla pulls the trigger and kills him as his men watch in stunned silence.

That activated sleeper cell just happens to be Khasan (Themo Melikidze) and Amria Dudayev (Kathryn Prescott). Khasan managed to pick Amria up from the hospital as the two head back to Khasan’s house. Once there, the siblings are greeted by their father Mikail (Ivo Nandi), who is not happy that his son has dropped out of school and has been skipping out on work for weeks. He wants to take the two back to Chechnya. However, the two subdue him and tie him up. When Amria goes to feed her father, he’s in bad shape as he tells her he’s a diabetic. Amria now having a change of heart, is trying to talk her brother out of their plans just as he gets the activation code to which he sends back the confirmation. Khasan tells Amria to contact her boyfriend, Mr. Harris the high school teacher, to prepare.

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So much time is wasted on Nicole and Issac this episode it’s mind boggling. Literally, nothing happened with their already awful storyline other than an excuse to keep Nicole in the projects tethered to Issac. The whole Gabriel plot was a bad idea ever since Ben suggested it. I was so confused as to why Eric would actually think this was a lead since it got them nothing but access to Gabriel’s laptop to which there could be absolutely nothing on that hard drive worth anything to them catching Jadalla. Same goes John and his father their ride to CTU and brief interrogation took an hour? As a matter of fact, most of the hour was spent with characters riding to a specific destination. The only forward motion we got with this episode was with the Dudayev siblings who just happen to be the only sleeper cell Jadalla’s men were able to reach out of those corrupted files (okay sure). I’m glad this is now merging these two story lines together but talk about convenient. Speaking of converging story lines, I really wish they’d get Nicole back to CTU, so that way we don’t have to keep dealing with Issac. I’d rather her be waiting around CTU than be used in such a nonentity of a plot line.

Like I said, Eric backing Ben’s plan was a bad idea since the words first flew out of Ben’s mouth. Am I sad that he’s dead? No, and I’m sure the show is better off without him, to be honest. My real question is why didn’t Mullins try to get Eric and Ben back into custody once CTU was back up and running? Look we only have about seven episodes left and this spin-off is feeling more and more like a minor footnote in the canon of a severely outdated show. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of the OG series.

TB-TV-Grade-C+Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8PM on Fox

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