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Things get absolutely insane in our sixth hour of 24: LEGACY. Our hero Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) has been through the wringer. I gotta give the writers credit for moving things along as we now reach the halfway point in the season. Thankfully, storylines are converging as we head into the back half of the season so we can finally see where some of these ridiculous plots are going.


Eric has to watch his dead friend get carted away. With Ben (Charlie Hofheimer), Eric is more determined than ever to stop Jadalla bin-Khalid (Raphael Acloque), but not before Thomas Locke (Bailey Chase) gives him a tongue lashing about his actions, and rightfully so I might add. But, it looks like Ben’s insane theory turned out to be true and Eric’s faith in Ben was not misguided. The evidence is found on Gabriel’s laptop that he indeed smuggled Jadalla and his men into the country. Eric requests from Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) to see this through as his whole Ranger squad has died. With the request granted Eric, Locke and the rest of the team are en route to the address on the fake IDs Jadalla’s men are using. However, upon arrival and a sweep of the derelict mansion, Jadalla, and his men are gone with all the computer equipment destroyed. Furious, Eric blames CTU for botching the operation (which they did as the story leaked to the press).

Back in the projects, common sense starts to kick in with Eric’s wife Nicole (Anna Diop) finally leaving Issac’s (Ashley Thomas) and heading into CTU’s custody. As Issac tries to sway her to stay (after everything she’s been through why would she stay?) but eventually relentless and grants her her wish to head to CTU. When the agents arrive Nicole bids Issac goodbye, as it’s clear they still have a love for each other, Jadalla’s men show up killing the agents and taking a wounded Issac and Nicole as hostages calling to confirm with Jadalla that they have been captured.


Meanwhile, Amira Dudayev (Kathryn Prescott) and her brother Khasan (Themo Melikidze) continue to prepare their attack. When Amira’s high school teacher and boyfriend David Harris (Kevin Christy) shows up with the chemical compounds to start mixing the bombs, he sees that Amira is upset. When Amira tells David the situation with their father tied up in the other room, David decides that Amira and himself have done their parts and are no longer needed. David manages to take Khasan’s pistol (why Khasan had his gun lying around with the safety off is beyond stupid) and accidentally shoots him in the stomach. As David goes to finish him off, Amaria stabs David to death from behind. As Khasan dies in Amira’s arms he tells his sister to finish the attack as the truck is loaded with the homemade bombs and is ready to go. Amira goes to her father Mikail (Ivo Nandi) that she loves and will not see him again. As she leaves him tied up, she heads to the George Washington Bridge, the attack destination. Mikail manages to free himself, running to the garage to find Amira gone with the bodies of Khasan and David lying on the floor. After mourning his son’s death, Mikail calls Amira and pleads with her to turn around to not do the attack. Amira tells her father she has to and hangs up. Mikail informs the authorities and word quickly gets to CTU.

Mullins pulls every resource he can get asking Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) to co-run the operation with him, as he’s under fire with the botched takedown of Jadalla. Managing to get a lone police officer who works on the bridge as every agency is still ten minutes out from the GWB, Mullins orders him to take out the box truck driver giving him the license plate as well as the description of the truck. The officer manages to shoot Amira three times. While on the phone with Mullins, he confirms that that is the truck as well as the barrels of homemade bombs in the back of the truck. Amira jolts to life just as the office takes the detonator from her hand and pushes the button causing the attack to be successful as the GWB is decimated.

At CTU, Eric arrives just as the attack happens. In the interrogation room, Senator John Donovan (Jimmy Smits) pleads with his father to confess as the blood of innocents will be on both of their hands. His father Henry (Gerald McRaney) denies it yet again. John then requests to talk to Nilaa Mizrani (Sheila Vand) as she’s finished being debriefed by the CTU agents. John apologizes to Nilaa about what happened, but she thanks him for clearing her name. John then tells Nilaa to send out a press release saying he’s ending his campaign to run for President. As Eric talks to Rebecca about the attack, he gets a call for Jadalla stating that if he wants his wife and brother back, he will have to deliver someone who can decrypt the rest of the corrupt files of sleeper cells or else his family dies.


I’m so glad that we’ve moved past the projects with Nicole and Issac. My biggest gripe about their truly awful story was why would Nicole stay there after Eric managed to confirm CTU was not behind the leak. Eric should’ve had her out of there since hour two of this show. Also, now Nicole and Issac are now plot devices to keep Eric in action. We are at Transformers level of logic to keep these stories going. I mean consider this, why did it take six episodes for the terrorists to track down Nicole after their initial attack on Eric and Nicole that opened this series.

Also, I sorry to say this but I’m really glad we won’t have to follow the Dudayev siblings anymore. They were badly written characters with a storyline so dumbly insane, I mean come on everything they were doing in that high school was highly implausible. Still, the immigrant-phobia of their storyline was really reprehensible as well as the Islamophobia that recurred throughout the episode. We’re halfway through 24: Legacy and Tony Almeida has still yet to show up. Just how does he figure into the plot is beyond me.

I will say that one highlight is John doing the right thing and resigning as once it gets out with hard proof that his father sold out those Rangers, it’s not gonna go well for either of them as I have a feeling John’s guilt is gonna weigh him down hard. It’s only a matter of time before Eric becomes a CTU agent and having him go off on his own seems like an unnecessary step back. Let’s have him finally go full Jack Bauer with CTU resources at his fingertips, please.

TB-TV-Grade-C+Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)

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