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A new level of ridiculous plausibility has been reached on this week’s 24: LEGACY, as we have some (already) insane characters, make implausible choices as well as implausible actions. As we near the conclusion of the season, the writers are making some narrative choices that have me scratching my head to point of blisters. This eighth hour is mostly a segue to set-up what comes next.


I really wish I could use an assortment of expletives when reviewing this show. Issac (Ashley Thomas) and Nicole’s (Anna Diop) story has been badly written from episode one on. As a black male, I’m discovering new ways to be offended week after week with the way Issac is written and that’s nothing against Ashley Thomas as he’s doing a great despite the material. In the car ride back to CTU, as the background was clearly a CGI composite, Nicole is begging Issac that they need to go back and save Eric. Issac asks how, and he’s right. Nicole expects him to take on highly skilled terrorists?

Well, they manage to do just that as somehow the streets of Washington D.C. are literally empty, despite it only being 7:08 PM, the two are attacked by Jadalla’s men. They drive down an alley and run into an empty warehouse with Jadalla’s people in close pursuit. Nicole creating a diversion gives Issac the upper-hand as he takes on a terrorist hand to hand with a chain killing him with a Mortal Kombat-esque finishing move. As Nicole knocks the other terrorist down, Issac manages to grab his gun and shoot his kneecaps out before he could shoot him. Seeing as Eric (Corey Hawkins) brought Nicole to him, Issac can’t trust the government. He says and I quote “I’ma call my crew. I’ma tell them to bring every burner, every weapon we got. In the meantime, this dude gonna tell us where they took Eric. They messed with the wrong people”.

If that’s not the most ridiculous thing in the world, I don’t know what to think of you. A gang of drug dealers is gonna take on highly skilled and highly dangerous terrorists who are wanted by every federal agency in the world? Sure okay. Also, a drug dealer managed to kill a highly skilled terrorist in hand to hand combat straight out of a kung-fu flick. For ten minutes I was screaming curses and literally almost headbutted a hole in my wall as this is all just insane. And we don’t stop there either. As Issac tortures the terrorist with a meat hook and gets Eric’s location, his men show up. They tell him that this is a for the government, but Issac says that this is for family. The men decide to ante up once Issac gives away all of his money to compensate them and Nicole appeals to them about being there for the family. Is it me or did 24: Legacy just become Fast & Furious in the worst way possible? Issac tells his right-hand man and Nicole to hang back with one of the worst goodbyes I’ve ever seen in television or film. And with that Issac and his men ride off to save Eric.


Eric is being beaten by Jadalla bin-Khalid (Raphael Acloque) while Andy (Dan Bucatinsky) runs the virus to which somehow, and I literally have no idea how he could have foreseen this unless he has mind-reading powers, Jadalla used a decoy for Andy to run the virus on. So, with the virus gone, Andy tells Jadalla he won’t do it until Andy is stabbed in the leg. After that, he talks Jadalla’s man through the decryption process. As that happens, Eric frees himself and manages to grab a grenade out of a box that just happened to be lying around. The terrorists throw the

grenade to an empty space just as it goes off, and as they’ve had for the whole episode, they beat Eric bloody. Just as Eric identifies Asim Naseri (Oded Fehr) Issac and his men come crashing through the building Looney Tunes style almost as if they’re doing a drive-by. But they do manage to rescue Eric and Andy.

At CTU, Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) is informed by Thomas Locke (Bailey Chase) on Eric and Andy’s plan after Locke managed to free himself. Keith and Mariana Stiles (Coral Peña) track down their location with Mariana sticking up for Andy. However, once the Director of National Intelligence is informed, he orders an airstrike with Mullins, Mariana, and Locke having no other option but to comply with the bad order. As the shootout continues, Andy manages to call Mariana directly who warns him of the airstrike. Andy tells everyone to leave as he grabs the decrypted USB drive and just as everyone makes it out the warehouse is blown up. Yet, somehow everyone manages to survive. Locke and CTU arrive and lock down the area managing to take Jadalla into custody while Carter informs Locke that Asim Naseri was on-site. Naseri manages to avoid detection and escapes.


Meanwhile, Tony (Carlos Bernard) starts the torture process on Henry (Gerald McRaney) supervised by Rebecca (Miranda Otto). Just as it gets bad, John (Jimmy Smits) arrives trying to put a stop to it. Rebecca talks him down as the torture continues saying the blood of innocents is on his hands. As Tony continues the process, Henry stays resilient and doesn’t give in. Having enough, John stops it displeased with Rebecca resolving that he’s taking his father home.

Did I miss something? Since when did Naseri become a big threat behind these attacks? And he manages to evade escape with all that security around? Also, how in the hell is an old man like Henry able to withstand not breaking and giving up anything on his leaking of the Rangers to bin-Khalid? Henry resists torture from professionals, but Issac can torture a terrorist and within five minutes gets the information he needs? This is asinine on every level. Tony’s return was a big deal even before the show aired. Everyone was excited to see how this would be handled and I gotta say Tony has been a non-factor for two episodes now which is a shame a major character in 24 lore has been wasted like this.


Over the past weekend, Netflix dropped the much-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe show Iron Fist, something I was generally excited for. It ended up being a major disappointment for a number of reasons, but mainly because the storytelling, narrative, and character motivations were badly written. I can say confidently that Iron Fist is a much better show than 24: Legacy has ever been. Especially after this episode, it’s amazing that David Fury, a writer with some good credits to his name, came up with anything that occurs in this episode. I’m serious in that this seems like this was written by a fifteen-year-old. This is a show that is actively working on Transformers level logic. We have four episodes left. With Naseri now the main threat, I’m not even remotely interested in how this will all be wrapped up.


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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