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The race to get John Donovan (Jimmy Smits) is on! This week on 24: LEGACY finally brings together Eric (Corey Hawkins) and Rebecca (Miranda Otto) for a full episode as they do everything to get back Rebecca’s husband from Jadalla bin-Khalid (Raphael Acloque) and Asim Naseri (Oded Fehr). With the day almost up, everyone is on edge to ensure the safety of the country before further destruction ensues.


Once again, this episode does not end well for Eric and Rebecca. First with Luis Diaz (Daniel Zacapa) bludgeoning Henry Donovan (Gerald McRaney) with a coffee pot and getting away after Henry confronts him. With Luis in the wind and Henry needing medical help, Eric is debriefing Jennifer Marshall (Jennifer Lutheran), when Nicole (Anna Diop) and Issac (Ashley Thomas) arrive. We’ll get to their brief reunion later but that is also cut short when Rebecca needs Eric for an exchange. Jadalla called Rebecca to exchange John for herself on an encrypted line. After some brief reluctance, Eric uses Rebecca’s unfettered access to get guns from the CTU armory. Once Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears) figures out that both Rebecca and Eric are missing he calls on Andy (Dan Bucatinsky) who had no idea that they had left. Mullins tells Andy to use her cell to try and find Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard).

Mullins manages to reach Tony who is preparing for another . He has no idea where she is, but Tony uploads the specs on Rebecca’s phone, so Andy can reactivate the GPS tracker to locate their position (Tony and Rebecca used these GPS trackers on a mission in Yemen). Mullins is on the phone with The Director of National Intelligence Donald Simms (James Moses Black), who ordered the airstrike in episode eight. Here’s the kicker, though, Andy has an aide run the words “East July” in which Marshall heard one of the terrorists say to one another. Well, that aide tells Andy that Donald has a firewall blocking access to that information. Yes, that’s right, The Director of National Intelligence is working with bin-Khalid.

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After getting a ping on their location, Mullins orders local police to intercept. They do, but Rebecca and Eric get the upper hand. After the officers are restrained, Eric and Rebecca make it to the abandoned football stadium where the exchange is supposed to happen. Rebecca gets a call from Jadalla who is pleased that she came alone. Rebecca demands that Jadalla let her husband go or else she walks away. They comply by throwing John out of a moving van into traffic (sighs). John is able to get up immediately and run away (double sigh). Eric urges her to go after she watches the live feed on her phone of John’s “release”, but Rebecca says they can take out Jadalla once and for all to which Eric urges her not to.

Of course, this all goes sideways as the football field is doused in gasoline. Jadalla reveals himself and ignites a flare wanting Rebecca to read a confession to which she refuses. Eric has a clean shot and he takes it. Jadalla is dead but the flare lights the football field on fire. Naseri and Eric engage in a brief firefight before Naseri turns his attention to Rebecca who is trying her best to outrun the fire. However, she trips and gets trapped in a ring of flames. The two race to reach Rebecca at her position to be either her salvation or damnation. Naseri makes it there first leaving Eric no choice but to call Mullins to tell him he can’t find Rebecca. He sends CTU his coordinates and patches Mullins in on the line between him and Rebecca, as Eric, Mullins, and everyone at CTU hear Rebecca screaming frantically that Sheik Ibrahim bin-Khalid is still alive.


Yes, it’s revealed earlier in the episode that Naseri was actually still working for Jadalla’s father who survived the Rangers’ attack. I can say I was genuinely surprised by this, but then again, we still have two hours left before this day ends. It was Ibrahim that ordered Jadalla and Naseri to let John go in order to get Rebecca as Ibrahim wants his revenge. Sooner rather than later, they’re gonna have to reveal what Naseri meant by Rebecca killing innocents. With Jadalla dead, it’s now do or die as Rebecca probably has minutes to live.

Luis getting away was convenience for convenience sake, just as Rebecca walking out onto that football field was. It drives me up the wall with some of the decisions the characters make in this show. I mean throwing John out of a moving vehicle? When I think of how absurd it was, I think of 1987’s RoboCop (a masterpiece), when Kurtwood Smith’s Clarence Boddicker asks his injured henchmen “Can you fly Bobby?” and throws him out of the back of the armored car and him landing in the windshield of a cop car. It was utterly ridiculous to see John get up and start running away.

I’m really sick of Nicole and Issac, y’all. What makes this whole thing disgusting is Issac wooing Nicole back. THAT IS YOUR BROTHER’S WIFE DUDE! I mean come on. And having them trapped at CTU is contrived as well as having those two get into a fight with the CTU guards. Anna Diop has no chemistry with either of these two men and it seems like a waste of time, to be honest. That seems to be a problem with this show, to be honest. With the leaps and bounds with simple logic, all the romantic pairings feel awkward AF. Even with Thomas Locke (Bailey Chase) and Andy, everyone feels uncomfortable. And it’s badly written too.

I have to say I’m also sick of the characters spending most of the episode driving to whatever destination they’re trying to get to with the big action set piece being five minutes or less. It seems like wheel spinning on the show’s part to fill out twelve episodes when maybe this should’ve been ten or eight. It’s the same problem that plagues the Marvel Netflix shows. With shorter season episodes, we can get more quality television. Wait, I take that back as season ten of The X-Files was only six episodes and only three out of the six were good.


With two episodes left, I actually wish this would wrap up next week as everything now seems to be moving towards a finale. I can’t imagine what more there is to do beyond one last episode. I have a feeling that Tony will play a huge role in what happens in the next two episodes. Or at least I hope so. One thing I definitely want to happen is for Andy to get more respect and a raise. After the way he’s been treated by everyone, he deserves the best in the world.
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