5 Classic Movie Songs That Were Not Actually Made For The Movie


A film’s soundtrack goes hand in hand with the experience that you have watching it. It changes your perception of the film, and how you remember it. There are often misconceptions about which songs were made for movies, and which ones existed before the films. That’s how great of a the songs were at being utilized in the projects. I’ve picked five that are hard to believe.


 5: Don’t You Forget About Me By Simple Minds Wasn’t Made for The Breakfast Club

It is incredible how well the track by Simple Minds sums up the movie and caps it off at the end. The hit was actually created by the band before they were approached by John Hughes for its inclusion in the movie. The original cut of the song is over six minutes, and the single version gave the track a new life when The Breakfast Club was released. Try pulling these two properties apart. I can’t.

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  1. is this jeopardy lol…? i had the batman forever soundtrack (in the 90s-the same era the music came out) and this u2 song was on there and it was the 90’s equivalent of whatever dec (decent-circa 2000s) means today! but kiss from a rose was the best song on the cd or tape (depending on what you had) so it exists there for the invisible record!

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