6 New Governors Elected To The Academy, Including Steven Spielberg And Laura Dern


Steven Spielberg

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Board of Governors fulfills its mission and helps maintain the organization’s strategic vision. Today, they announced their newest elected Governors for the 2016-17 year.

This list includes:

The race for film editing ended in a tie between Maryann Brandon and Mark Goldblatt, and so another round of voting for this position will take place July 25-28.

Three other governors have returned as well after hiatuses: William M. Mechanic, branch; Leonard Engelman, makeup artists and hairstylists; and Craig Barron, visual effects.

In the Academy, there are a total of 51 governors, three for each branch, and each governor serves a term of three years. They can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms, for a total of nine years. Each year, one governor from one branch is up for election. There are also three governors-at-large, nominated by the president and elected by the board, upping the total to 54.

With these newly elected governors, there are now 17 women (possibly 18, depending on the film editing race) and seven people of color. In the Academy’s total membership, women now make up 27% and people of color make up 11%, after a record 683 were invited to join last month.

Regarding the new governors, president Cheryl Boone Isaacs welcomed them with open arms: “I thank our members for actively participating and taking another step toward inclusion, one that will bring new ideas and perspectives as we continue to expand our global outreach while leading our community forward.”

While the Academy continues to reflect Hollywood’s largely white male presence, it’s also showing that it’s slowly taking steps forward.

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