9JKL Review: “Make Thanksgiving Great Again”


There is barely a laugh to be had in this week’s episode of 9JKL, even with a mean and cursing granny. This week we get treated to a Thanksgiving themed episode. So we know how this goes, right? The family gets angry with one another and then makes up. No surprises here, which would be completely forgivable if a single joke made me laugh.

After having spent the last decade or so in Los Angeles, Josh has missed out on many family Thanksgivings. So when he learns that his family has been calling it in and going to a restaurant the past few Thanksgivings, he is dismayed. But Judy prefers going out and not having to cook, if only for the guarantee that Harry will not take his pants off at the dinner table. But Josh insists on a good old fashioned family Thanksgiving at home, one with a home cooked meal and football, and he will even invite Nana to come from her nursing home in New Jersey (how Elliot Gould’s mother could even possibly still be alive is beyond me). This is going to test Judy as she feels her mother-in-law is overly critical. Hmmm, sound familiar? Eve feels the same way about her. And that’s partially why Eve volunteers to cook the entire dinner herself. It’s their baby son Wyatt’s first and she wants to do it at home.

Josh gets to work making sure Eve is cooking the stuffing with mushrooms and both a pecan and apple pie. Meanwhile, Judy produces some letters Harry’s mom wrote her that were more than passive aggressive, though he defends his mom. They glare at one another, and I guess this is supposed to be them fighting? Then Nana shows up. Doorman Nick brought her in on his way in from New Jersey. Only it’s not their Nana. It’s Wrong Nana. Nick asked for a Mrs. Roberts and they gave her Mrs. Robins. Probably intentionally to be rid of her as she is pretty mean spirited and unpleasant to be around. 

Wrong Nana goes about making everyone feel bad for themselves. She makes fun of Josh for not being as attractive as Andrew. She makes fun of Andrew for being dumb. Makes fun of Eve’s cooking (she is having a tough time making everything herself–why is the family literally not doing a single dish to help her? This makes no sense). Andrew has been chosen to be Mr. July in his hospital’s Hot Doctor calendar, and that gets screwed up when he and Josh are having a catch with the football and Wrong Nana knocks on the glass, distracting him, and letting the ball hit him in the face. Oh no! Not even Doorman Nick can put up with her, sending her immediately back upstairs after the family tries to pawn her off on him.

In the end Wrong Nana tells some truths, giving Judy a taste of her own medicine saying that she is upset with her overbearing mother-in-law just like Eve is. The nursing home won’t even send a van to come pick her up, so the family has to decide what to do with her. Josh settles on calling an Uber, which on Thanksgiving costs as much as buying a new car. In the end the Uber brings her back because life is too short. Eve’s cooking turns out to be horrendous.

This episode was so thin, it was hard for me to even come up with the words to write this review. It has to be close to the worst of the series thus far.

TB-TV-Grade-FSeason 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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