A Big Congratulations to Our Second TB Recommends Writer Brian Scully for Signing with New Reps!


As you probably read here last week, one of our first ever TB RECOMMENDS writers signed with new representation and saw his spec jump right into the market, with an offer coming in almost immediately. Not too shabby… especially considering it all happen in under 24 hours!

Now, a few days later, we are very happy to report that our second of two, “TB Recommends” writers – has also signed with new representation, and will see his spec script hit the market in the oncoming weeks.

Scully, who less than a week after receiving a “Recommends” via our TB Studio Coverage service, has signed with manager Kathy Muraviov and her eponymous The Muraviov Company. Sound familiar? Well it should. Muraviov, just a day after the TB Recommends announcement last week, also signed fellow “recommends” writer Erik W. Van Der Wolf. At the time of the announcement she began talks with Scully as well, and we can confirm, has now officially signed him as of this morning.

Scully will complete a minor tweak on his script with plans for it to hit the market later this month.

The script, which I must admit, brought some of the most unique and intriguing storytelling ideas I’ve read all year, centers on a man and woman, who discover they have each been dating the same man for a decade after he dies in a tragic car crash. Following the realization, the two deal with the the loss, fallout and anger together, slowly forming an attraction for one another in the process.

With that said, I will say, this is NOT a romantic comedy. Think more along the lines of a romantic drama, with some psychological fallout in the process.

Here’s the breakdown on what our studio readers had to say:

Counterpoint is a fantastic, well written and character driven script. The things it does right it does better than a lot of ‘professionally’ written and sold scripts, including fantastic characters with real motivations, desires, and goals. The plot never moves forward for the sake of the story, merely stepping back and letting the characters themselves dictate where conversations and, ultimately, the story goes. (And) in the end nothing should stop from eventually finding a dedicated team to bring it to life.

So how did it all begin…

Scully sent his script in for the TB Studio Coverage and received a very highly praised “Recommend” from our readers, which led to the announcement in our April newsletter.

We’ll hit you with details once the spec hits the market, and in the meantime, learn how your project could be the next “TB Recommends” with the link below.



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