A Few Big Names Look To Scale “Everest”



Now that Doug Liman’s is finally stepping back into the light, a slew of white hot talent is in line to star in the mountain climbing drama. , , , , , , , and are all vying for a starring role.

Based on Jeffrey Archer’s 2009 novel “Paths of Glory”, the film follows the late explorer George Mallory as he attempts to scale Mount Everest in 1924. For awhile, Tom Hardy was attached to star as Mallory, but it seems as though the “Inception” star has moved on due to conflicts. There is an opportunity for two names from the nine mentioned above to join the , as the role of Mallory’s rival George Finch is open.

Liman is helming from a script being re-written by “X-Men: First Class” scribe Sheldon Turner, but originally penned by “Vanity Fair” scribe Mark Skeet. Jennifer Klein, Julia Roberts, Kevin Townsend, Philip Rose and Lisa Gillan are producing. David Bartis is executive producing. Doug Belgrad, Rachel O’Connor and Eric Fineman are all overseeing the for Sony.

Source: Dark Horizons



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