A-listers Dig Into “Cake”


by: Sammy Mink

, , , and have all signed on for the indie drama . The follows a woman in a chronic pain support group who becomes obsessed with another attendee who has committed suicide. Jennifer Anniston will play the lead, Claire, while Kendrick plays Nina, the ghost who haunts Claire after she starts a relationship with Nina’s husband (played by Worthington). Messina has been cast as Claire’s estranged husband while Huffman will lead the support group.

Kendrick and Messina are known more for their comedy roles in “Pitch Perfect” and “The Mindy Project” but their past dramatic indie roles have gained acclaim as well, Kendrick as Joseph Gordon Levitt’s therapist in “50/50” and Messina as Ira in “Ira & Abby.” Worthington is best known as Jake Sully in James Cameron’s “Avatar,” a role he’ll be reprising in the next 3 films of the series. Husband and wife duo Macy and Huffman have appeared in a number of films together, including “Rudderless” and Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Magnolia.”

The Patrick Tobin penned screenplay made its way onto the 2013 Blacklist. is set to premiere in 2015.

Kendrick and Huffman are repped by , Worthington is with and , Messina and Macy are repped by .



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