A Look At A Few More Past Hit List Names


With the 2013 Hit List landing later today, we wanted to take one last look back and see what some of our previous Hit List honorees have accomplished over the past few years. Spoiler alert: It’s quite a lot. The truth is the vast majority of on our list have gone on to do some amazing work in the film and television industry. And of those there are still a few who’ve really picked up momentum since making their way onto The Hit List. Do we think that we’re solely responsible for their ? No, of course not. But we like to think that we helped.

made the 2010 Hit List for his spec (and now feature film), “Now You See Me.” After that movie raked in more that $350 million world wide, Ricourt has been sitting pretty with 4 new in the works. He has an action script, “Year 12” set up at Roth Films with Cedric Nicolas-Troyan attached as director. Following that he’s got a sic-fi feature, “One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy,” set up at Bazelevs Productions with Timur Bekmambetov attached to produce and direct. Then he has his comedy spec from this year, “How to Defeat Your Own Clone” getting ready to go at Dimension films, and finally a action/adventure/sci-fi, “Anomaly” starting at Relativity Media. Well done!

made his first appearance on the Hit List in 2010 with his spec, “Wake,” his second appearance in 2011 with, “Sad Jack,” and then got the hat trick with “Occupied” in 2012. He also graced the Young & Hungry List back in 2011. But let’s see what he’s up to now. “Sad Jack” has been set up at Code Entertainment with Borrelli receiving an executive credit along with the writing and “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” he has going at Mandalay Pictures with Todd Lincoln directing. In addition he wrote and executive produced “The Vatican Tapes” which was directed by Mark Neveldine and will be released in 2014. Borrelli is a true Hit List MVP.

Now let’s discuss . Uziel got on The hit List in 2010 with the spec “Kitchen Sink.” A script that helped him get on the 2011 Young & Hungry List and one we have been eager to see get made since reading it 3 years ago. Well that is finally going to happen as Robbie Pickering is currently filming the horror/comedy script for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Uziel has also done some work on the much anticipated sequel to “21 Jump Street,” “22 Jump Street,” “Men In Black 4,” and his reboot of “Mortal Kombat.” You’ll be seeing his name more and more in the coming years!

In 2010 joined the Hit List with his spec, “Sheep Meadow” and then appeared again in 2011 with his spec “Incident On 459.” Both of these specs, along with his script “Buried” being made in 2010 with Ryan Reynolds helped him also get on the 2011 Young and Hungry List. Since then Sparling saw his other script “ATM” get to the big screen and has 3 currently in , two of which he will be directing himself. Keep your eyes peeled for “The Atticus Institute” which is one of the he directed!

The spec “On A Steel Horse” got & onto the 2010 Hit List and helped them be recognized on the 2011 Young & Hungry List as well. Since that time the team has been working hard on the FX series “Wilfred” and have several in the works. They have their comedy “Raindrops All Around Me” set up at Red Hour Films and “Hassle Man” ready to go with director Jeremy Garelick. We’ll miss “Wilfred” guys, the show is great!

Finally, we will be looking at & . Lucas & Moore have had success in the industry for many years and in 2011 they made the Hit List with their spec “21 & Over” which later went on to be made with both Lucas and Moore at the helm. Since 2011 they have seen their script “The Change Up” get made by Universal pictures with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Batemen, they have their “Untitled Tomorrowland Project” set up at Mayhem Pictures, and they created, wrote and executive produced the ABC show “Mixology.”

These are just a fraction (just over 2%) of the that have gotten started with/around/because of The Hit List. So prepare yourself because there are another 86 coming your way. Will any of these names find their way back onto the 2013 Hit List? Stay tuned to Tracking-Board.com to find out later this week!

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