A Quick Look Back At Some of Our Hit List Veterans!


With the 2013 landing in just a few days, we’ve decided to take a look back and see what some of our previous honorees have accomplished over the past few years. Spoiler alert: It’s quite a lot. The truth is the vast majority of writers on our list have gone on to do some amazing work in the film and television industry. And of those there are still a few who’ve really picked up momentum since making their way onto The . Do we think that we’re solely responsible for their ? No, of course not. But we like to think that we helped.

To start, let’s talk about the amazing, but humble, who was first recognized on the 2010 with his anti-rom-com while still being a rom-com script, “Your Bridesmaid Is A Bitch.” Later that year, the same script was recognized by The and it has since gone into development with Circle Of Confusion. But that’s not all! In 2011, Duffield made the Young & Hungry List and saw his script, “Worst. Honeymoon. Ever.” make The . If that wasn’t enough, he continued his hot streak in 2012 when “Monster Problems” found it’s way onto that year’s . Currently, Duffield is adapting Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” sequel book “Insurgent,” has two other projects (that he wrote) in development, and has the lean western “Jane Got A Gun” in post-production slated for a 2014 release. Finally, to add the very sweet cherry on top of everything else, it has also been announced that he will be making his directorial debut with another of his penned scripts, “Vivien Hasn’t Been Herself Lately.” Great , Brian! Now, someone give him a dinosaur project already!

Next we have . Stokes also made his first appearance on the 2010 with his script “Murders and Acquisitions.” But he was just getting started as his next script, “Blood Mountain,” made the 2011 and helped Stokes also find his way onto the 2011 Young & Hungry list after which, Derby Street Films decided to come in and snatch up the property. Then, not to be phased, he followed that up with two more scripts, “El Gringo” and “Border Country.” “Border Country” got on the 2012 , making Stokes 3 for 3, as well as making The 2012 . If you thought that was it for this writer, then you’d be wrong because he also sold “El Gringo” to After Dark Films. And last, but not least, he’s snagged the OWA to adapt Harlan Coben’s “Six Years” for Paramount Pictures. He accomplished all of this in just 3 years!

How about one of the hot young names in Hollywood today? That ball of boundless energy known as made the back in 2010 with a little script called “Chronicle” which also found its way onto the that year. The following year he didn’t slow down as terrific action-comedy “Good Time Gang” found a spot on the 2011 . Then he found another of his scripts, “Me Him Her” on the 2012 , making him another of the rare writers to go 3 for 3. He also saw himself land on the 2011 Young & Hungry List and has sold multiple projects. He currently has his directorial debut, “Me Him Her,” in post-production, as well as his name on a plethora of other projects as both a writer and . He’s a writing machine!

It’s not only solo writers that make the list, by the way. There are plenty of writing teams that find their names on the as well, like & . They made their first appearance on the in 2011 with their script “Hyperdrive,” which also found its way on to the . The team followed things up with another script making the in 2012, “Subdivision” which you will be able to see in 2015 through Barnstorm Pictures. We look forward to it!

Or, how about the writing team of & . They first showed up on the 2010 with their script, “ You Complete Us” which sold to Endgame and Offspring Entertainment. They showed up again on the 2012 with “Cherries,” a script that also found its way onto the 2012 . “Cherries” is currently in pre-production with DMG Entertainment and we will hopefully all get to see it on the big screen in the coming years.

Then there is & who showed up on the in 2011 with their script “We Hate Your Girlfriend.” Since then, they have been writing for Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers,” have their script “The Day I Turned Uncool” in development at Misher Films, and their other screenplay, “My Sister is Marrying a Douchebag,” set up at Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment. Just so they don’t get stuck in the world of feature films, the pair has also wrapped their pilot “See You Next Tuesday” with ABC Entertainment Group and are in development with another pilot, “Work With Jerks.” The Molyneuxs were also nominated for a 2013 Emmy for their work on the “Bob’s Burger’s” episode “O.T.: The Outside Toilet.” Prepare to see their names on the big and small screen in the upcoming years!

These are just a fraction (just over 2%) of the that have gotten started with/around/because of The . So prepare yourself because there are another 86 coming your way. Will any of these names find their way back onto the 2013 ? Stay tuned to Tracking-Board.com to find out later this week!

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