“A Quiet Place” Should Pull Off a Surprise Second Weekend Win over The Rock’s “Rampage”



Everyone, including myself, thought Dwayne Johnson and his monster movie Rampage would be the top of the box office this weekend with relative ease, but Paramount’s horror movie A Quiet Place is having none of that.

Although Rampage will be #1 on Friday with $11.5 million (including $2.4 million in Thursday previews), looking for an opening weekend in the $31 to 33 million range, A Quiet Place‘s $10.5 million Friday should be enough for it to win the weekend with slightly more, around $32 to 33 million, depending on how much of a bump it got from it being Friday the 13th.

It’s going to be a fairly close race for sure, but it will be seen as a loss for Johnson even though his last movie Jumanji also opened in second place to Star Wars: The Last Jedi before picking up steam in laster weeks. That probably won’t happen with Rampage, because it has Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War opening in two weeks.

In fact, I thought A Quiet Place doing so well would keep Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare from doing much business on Friday the 13th, but it ended up taking in $8.2 million (including just $750k in previews), which shows a pretty major bump from the day where superstitions are thrown out the window in order to go see scary movies. It’s likely to be frontloaded but should still be able to take in somewhere between $17 and 19 million, which isn’t bad at all.

Blockers was fourth yesterday with $3.2 million, which should put it in a close race for the weekend with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, which grossed an est. $2.9 million on Friday with a bigger third weekend drop than it saw last week.

Fox Searchlight expanded Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs into nearly 2,000 theaters yesterday where it grossed $1.6 million, pointing to a weekend of around $5 million, which isn’t much more than the $4.5 million it grossed last weekend in over 1,000 fewer theaters.

Check back on Monday for the full weekend box office report.

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