“A Quiet Place”: The Final Trailer for John Krasinski, Emily Blunt’s Dark Thriller (Video)


A Quiet Place JKParamount Pictures

The John Krasinski-directed , co-starring his wife Emily Blunt, will open on Thursday night, and Paramount wants to make sure everyone knows that, having released a final trailer for the movie.

I saw A Quiet Place last week and mostly enjoyed it, but I’ll be curious to see what Drew McWeeny thinks about it, because some might have questions after watching it.

Honestly, while the new trailer is cool, it includes a couple scenes that don’t appear in the movie, showing the set-up for the alien invasion (which isn’t actually in the movie) ,but also, it gives away one of the more jarring scenes. So I would suggest only watching the trailer below if you’re not sure if you want to see the movie or not, because if you’ve already decided to see the movie, then you don’t need more convincing.

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