ABC Developing Faith-Focused Drama “Grace” from Mandeville TV


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Religious and faith-centric dramas are becoming a big trend this season as ABC has just put into GRACE from Mandeville , written by and Jonathan E. Stewart.

The series is set in the fictional town Grace, Missouri and centers on a family of adult siblings whose stalwart minister father reveals that he is gay. It is described as a serialized drama, a grounded, unfolding saga of a modern American family and the everyday challenges they face as members of a community and as individuals, and how their faith both guides and complicates their lives. The story is inspired by Stewart’s own family as his own father was a preacher who came out.

Mandeville’s David Hoberman, Todd Liberman, and Laurie Zaks are executive producers on the project.

Religion-focused dramas have been picking up steam in recent years with series like OWN’s Greenleaf and Hulu’s cult-centered The Path. More recently though dramas in have taken on a more 90s-throwback attitude. Where The Path takes a critical at the effects of cults and Greenleaf brings a soap opera look at megachurches, 90s dramas like 7th Heaven and Touched by Angel, or the 2003 series Joan of Arcadia, aimed to inspire or show everyday American life. This year more networks appear to be interested in the world but not necessarily the dark tone of shows like The Path, and Grace falls right into that arena, as does Fox series Miracle Commission which landed a script commitment.

Podell and Stewart previously landed on the 2013 Black List with their script Seuss and were hired to write the feature adaptation Juliet, based on the book by Anne Fortier.

They are repped by and .

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