“Action Movie Kid” Flies Away On A UFO (Things We Love)



Some parents film their son’s first bike ride or a daughter’s first ballet recital. Daniel Hashimoto films his kid doing things like firing a time traveling portal gun, traveling in his cardboard box time machine, and handling a lightsaber in the aisles of a toy store. OK, they may not be 100 percent real, but Hashimoto is probably the only parent in the world who makes videos of his kids that you actually want to see. The DreamWorks Animation vis-dev artist creates CG-laden videos of his little boy James (a.k.a. “Action Movie Kid”) that puts him in fantastical and action-packed scenarios. The two have garnered quite a following and he continues to up the ante on the vids. His most recent one has James flying away to space on a UFO — and it is out of this world.


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