Aerobics Comedy “Let’s Get Physical” Ordered by Pop



Pop has created a modern-day aerobics comedy titled LET’S GET PHYSICAL. The series will star Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Chris Diamantopoulos (Silicon Valley) and AnnaLynne McCord (90210).

The eight episode series follows Joe (Jones), the son of a fitness legend, who has picked up two decades worth of unhealthy addictions as a result of being the lead singer of a cover band. When his dad, Col. Tom Force, aka “The Godfather of Aerobics” unexpectedly dies, Joe inherits the antiquated family gym. But to receive the family fortune, Joe must take on his archnemesis, a highly successful fitness mogul, in the National Aerobics Championship.

Diamantopoulos plays Joe’s rival, Barry Cross, A fitness trainer with a god complex. The two became enemies when Barry beat Joe in the National Aerobics Finals and formed an elitist gym chain called The Metrix. Years later he tries to take the family fortune away from Joe.

McCord will play Claudia Cross, Barry’s wife, and Joe’s ex-girlfriend. She’s a tech-savvy businesswoman who built the computer software for The Metrix.

Connor Pritchard (Workaholics) and Ben and Dan Newmark (Feed the Beast) created the comedy series. They will serve as executive producers along with Michael Rosenberg (Hell on Wheels).

Let’s Get Physical will start filming next month, with a 2018 debut on Pop.

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