Akiva Goldsman Tests Six to Join Russell Crowe for a “WINTER’S TALE”


Akiva Goldsman has a busy week ahead of him as he enters final testing to land the lead male and female role in his upcoming writing/directing passion project WINTER’S TALE. The film, which is set in a mythical City, follows an orphan, and master-mechanic, who attempt to rob a fortress-like mansion on the Upper West Side. Once inside, however, the orphan discovers a dying, young girl, whom he falls in love with, forever changing the path of his destiny.

The film, which has already cast the villain in , is now seeking to fill the role of the young male lead, and the terminally ill girl he falls in love with. So, just who are these young actors looking to dance across Goldsman’s screen?

The two frontrunners to tackle our young brooding male lead are two men currently living very squarely in the fantastical world of big budget Hollywood fare – , who most recently wrecked havoc across the screen in “Thor” and , who just wrapped the upcoming “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. There are another 3-4 men said to be in contention, but these two are the current frontrunners, who it seems will be hard to knock from the top of that list.

As for the gals, one thing they certainly all have in common is that their stars are all very much on the rise. With , one of this years “It” girls coming out of Sundance at the front of the pack, it’s clear Goldsman is looking for a fresh face with to back it up. Add , who is right on Olsen’s tail, and and Gabriele Wilde into the mix, and it’s clear this role will be one of those an audience “discovers” our female lead in for the first time.

Goldsman, who is already an Oscar-winning writer, and prolific , will be making his feature helming debut behind the camera for Tale, a project he has made known is one very near to his heart.



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