Al Pacino Hunts a Serial Killer in First Trailer for Crime-Thriller “Hangman” (Video)


With Michael Fassbender’s Snowman out today and Mindhunter on Netflixserial killers are on everyone’s mind. Saban Films is taking advantage of this by releasing the first trailer for the crime-thriller Hangman,  which they’ll release in theaters and On Demand Dec. 22, following a month-long run on Ultra VOD starting Nov. 24.

Directed by Johnny Martin (Vengeance: A Love Story) from a screenplay by Michael Caissie & Charles Huttinger, and Phil Hawkins, Pacino plays Ray Archer, a homicide detective who teams with a criminal profiler (Karl Urban) to catch a vicious serial killer who is playing a twisted version of the Hangman game. Brittany Snow plays journalist Christi Davies, who is shadowing the detectives to report on the killer’s crime spree.

Hangman will be only Pacino’s second movie of 2017 after the Somalian pirate movie Dabka, but it’s also his first year with two movies since 2014.

You can watch the official trailer for the film below.

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