Al Pacino, Karl Urban, & Brittany Snow to Topline “Hangman”


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thriller HANGMAN has cast , , and . Johnny Martin is set to direct with a script from Michael Caissie and Charles Huttinger.

Pacino is set to play a decorated homicide detective opposite Urban’s criminal profiler. The two team up to catch a serial killer who’s terrorizing a city with a macabre version of the children’s game “Hangman.” Snow has be cast as a crime journalist shadowing the detectives.

Patriot Pictures and Union Patriot Capital Management’s Michael Mendelsohn produces with Cheyenne Enterprises’ Arnold Rifkin. Union Patriot Capital is also financing the project. Patriot’s Etchie Stroh is executive producing and will rep international sales at AFM.

“It’s every director’s dream to work with . brings a fresh, instinctual presence to the , while ’s strength, instinct, and versatility heighten the action and this genre. This film is amazing and will appeal to a wide audience,” said Martin.

Pacino and Urban are repped by .
Snow is repped by and Principal Entertainment-LA.
Caissie and Huttinger are repped by of .


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