Alexander Skarsgard & Cara Delevingne Team Up for “Fever Heart”


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Ben Briand’s action-thriller FEVER HEART has booked and to star. Briand directs with a script he co-wrote with Kevin W. Koehler.

The story follows an amnesiac who teams up with a quick-witted circus sharpshooter to uncover his lost memories. With a charming and malevolent tracker named Blood Lieberman in violent pursuit, the pair needs to learn to trust each other if they are going to survive this strange land stained with mysticism. Skarsgard has been cast as the amnesiac and Delevingne the sharpshooter.

Picture Films’ Margot Hand and Matt Dooley are producing while Michele Bennett and Nadine de Barros are executive producing. Fortitude International will introduce the project at AFM with WME Global and co-repping the North American rights. The film is set to begin shooting in 2017.

Skarsgard and Delevingne each starred in big summer blockbusters this year, with Skarsgard playing the title role in Tarzan and Delevingne headlining in Suicide Squad. Skarsgard previously starred in HBO’s True Blood and reunited with the network in the upcoming series Big Little Lies. Delevingne next stars in Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Skarsgard is repped by CAA.
Delevingne is repped by WME and in the UK.


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