Alicia Vikander, James McAvoy Pair Up in Trailer for Wim Wenders Political Thriller “Submergence” (Video)


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It’s been quite some time since German auteur Wim Wenders has made a decent narrative feature, but the first trailer for , a political thriller starring and , looks like a big sweeping epic unlike anything we’ve seen from Wenders in quite some time.

It’s also his first film in quite some time based on someone else’s screenplay, in this case Erin Dignam’s adaptation of J.M. Ledgard’s nove.

Submergence premiered at the Toronto Festival last September, and it’s already opened in a few other countries. Samuel Goldwyn picked up its U.S. rights, and the distributor has released a new trailer for the film.

The official plot summary for the film is:

James () is a British agent and Danny () is a scientist working on a deep-sea diving project. A wild love affair develops even though their jobs, and their individual dangerous missions, are destined to separate them.

Samuel Goldwyn  will release Submergence in select cities on April 13, and you can watch the new trailer for the film below.

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