Amazon Studios Shows Off Its Great Taste With First-Look Deals for “Birdman,” “Carol,” “Nebraska” Producers


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Continuing to establish itself as a company with great taste and one of the premiere distributors of independent films, has signed exclusive first-look with and ’s Bona Fide Productions, and Pamela Koffler’s Killer Films, and ’s Le Grisbi Productions.

The for Bona Fide and Killer Films cover film and television for two years, while Le Grisbi’s deal covers indie-sized films for two years, as Lesher often produces larger films such as Fury and Black Mass.

Amazon doesn’t hand out a lot of first-look , so this is a big swing for the upstart studio, and I fully support it. These five producers are among Hollywood’s most creative and hardest-working, and their collective eye for material should keep Amazon flush with prestige pictures and smart films for adults.

Amazon is already working with Bona Fide and Killer Films on Marc Webb’s The Only Living Boy in and Todd Haynes’ Wonderstruck, respectively. Julianne Moore stars in Wonderstruck, which will premiere in competition at the 70th annual Cannes Festival, though both movies are slated for release in 2017.

“Bona Fide Productions, Killer Films and Le Grisbi Productions each have a long history of making critically acclaimed and award-winning films with accomplished filmmakers,” said Roy Price, head of . “We’re proud to be working with each of them and excited about our future creative collaborations.”

Bona Fide Productions has produced award-winning films such as Little Miss Sunshine, Little Children and Nebraska, while Killer Films’ credits range from Still Alice and Carol to Amazon’s original series Z: The Beginning of Everything. Le Grisbi recently wrapped the Christian Bale movie Hostiles and is currently in on White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey. The company previously produced Birdman, which won Best Picture in 2014.

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