Amy Ryan Meets Tom Hanks at “St. James Place”


by: Sammy Mink

is set to star opposite Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance in , while , and are all in talks to join. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the Cold War thriller chronicles the story of James Donovan, a prominent American attorney who was unexpectedly thrust into the center of the Cold War after being tasked by the CIA to slip past the Berlin Wall on his own and negotiate the release of the downed U-2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers. The script was written by Matt Charman, with the Coen brothers also giving it the once-over. Ryan is set to star as Donovan’s wife, while Hewson would play Jan Donovan, Hanks’ daughter who falls in love with his law associate.

Ryan, probably best known for her roles in “The Wire” and “The Office,” recently starred in drama “Breathe In” opposite Guy Pearce. Ryan is next set to star in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Birdman,” and the big screen adaptation of “Goosebumps” with Jack Black.

Known for his more dramatic roles, Alda has lately been turning toward more comedic fare, having starred in “Wanderlust” and “Tower Heist.” On the small screen, however, he’s sticking to is roots, guest starring on NBC’s “The Blacklist” as Fitch.

Hewson, Bono’s daughter, is probably not someone you recognize, but that’s about to change. After appearing as the obnoxious Tess in “Enough Said,” Hewson next appeared in “Blood Ties” with Clive Owen and Billy Crudup. She’ll be re-teaming with Owen for Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming Cinemax series “The Knick.”

Magnussen is the soap who played Casey Hughes on “As the World Turns.” He also had guest spots on “CSI” and “Boardwalk Empire.” On the silver screen, Magnussen is next set to star in family film “The Great Gilly Hopkins,” as well as “Into the Woods,” where he’ll play Rapunzel’s Prince.

Ryan is repped by Gersh and . Alda is with ICM. Hewson is repped by and . Magnussen is with , , and .



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