Amy Schumer Announces Break from Comedy Central Series


Amy Schumer

Comedian took to Twitter to announce she is taking a break from her Comedy Central series, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER. The news follows the scrutiny Schumer faced for not firing writer Kurt Metzger, who unleashed a series of controversial tweets earlier this week.

Schumer is up for four Emmys next month, two of which are for her work on the series, including Lead Actress in a Comedy and Best Variety Sketch . She stated on Twitter that the comedy is simply on hiatus due to her ever-growing schedule.

The news came after Inside writer Metzger launched into an online rant, mocking rape victims. This is not the first time that Metzger has garnered negative attention on this topic. Lindy West and Sady Doyle, two women leading the conversation surrounding “rape humor” have claimed Metzger is targeting them and other feminists by both directly mocking them online and creating impersonating social media accounts to harass them with.

The most recent comments about victims drew anger from Schumer’s fans, who took to Twitter to demand she fire Metzger from the show. Inside became a sensation largely because of its feminist themes and commentary on the treatment of women in pop culture. When fans and comics challenged Schumer to respond to Metzger’s comments, Schumer initially stayed quiet, even blocking some fans, until eventually clarifying her position. 

When fans called for the firing of Metzger, Schumer sent out the following tweet:

The statement initially led people to believe the show was cancelled, but it is in fact, simply on hiatus. It was renewed for a fifth season back in January.

Until its return, Schumer is working on and her stand up, and can be seen opposite Goldie Hawn later this year in Mother/Daughter. She also has a supporting role in Thank You for Your Service.

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