Anatomy of a Sale: ‘DISRUPTORS’ w/Sara Nestor of Verve (Part 2) (Exclusive)


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The Tracking Board, in partnership with The Script Lab, is excited to present a new episode of .

For the season finale of Anatomy of a Sale, of returns to showcase the electrically charged pitch sale DISRUPTORS from & . The project is currently in development at Lionsgate with and producing. The pitch was based on Susan’s February 2017 article reflecting on the sexual harassment she faced while working at Uber, which led to the ousting of its CEO Travis Kalanick, set Silicon Valley ablaze, and helped set the stage for a revolution. Susan would go on to be one of the five women featured on the cover of TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year issue for 2017, representing ‘The Silence Breakers’.

Sara takes us through the release and discovery of the article in a pre-#MeToo world, what her place was as an agent in helping guide and protect Susan, the delicacy required to find the right fit for a project of this magnitude in both the film and book spaces, and how to deal with what was looming on the horizon – the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

is an Agent at Talent and Literary Agency. She was “home grown” at , starting in the mailroom and working her way up to the Agent ranks on ’s Motion Picture Literary team. In her tenure at , Sara has had the great pleasure of working with such multitalented, influential creators as author / journalist / whistleblower / activist ; two time Oscar-Winning screenwriter and producer Brian Currie; NYTimes Bestselling author / screenwriter / director / journalist Nick Bilton (Vanity Fair); screenwriter / author / director / podcaster / icon John August; and the award-winning screenwriter and producer Meredith Stiehm.

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Anatomy of a Sale centers on the story behind the story, as in each episode we’ll hear from the industry’s top executives, representatives and writers chronicling their journey from the birth of a script to its eventual success. You’ll learn about the struggles of taking a project to market, the painstaking hours that go into breaking the narrative, the ups and downs of industry reception, and much more. So sit back, relax, and study the inner-workings of the Anatomy of a Sale.

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