Anne Hathaway & Chloe Moretz Become “Laggies”


By: James Silverwolfe

, , and Mark Webber are all in talks to join which follows a woman (Hathaway) who, unsure of how to respond to her boyfriend’s (Webber) marriage proposal, pretends to go on a retreat, but actually ends up spending a week with her new friends (Moretz), all of whom are in high school.

Hathaway will play the lead, Meagan while Webber will play the boyfriend, Moretz will play 16-year-old Annika and Rockwell will play an older character named Craig. Rebecca Hall and Paul Rudd were attached at some point (no doubt as the leads) but that seems to have fallen apart.

Producing will be Steve Golin, Rosalie Swedlin and Alix Madigan.

Hathaway is coming off the new (and infuriating) “Les Miserables” and will next be in “Don Jon” (Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut). Moretz will soon reprise her role as Hit Girl in “Kick-Ass 2” and also the lead in the “Carrie” remake. Rockwell last nearly stole the show in “Seven Psychopaths” and will next grace our vision in “The Way, Way Back”. Webber last wrote/directed/produced and starred in “The End of Love”, he’ll next be in “Uncanny.”

Hathaway, Moretz, Rockwell and Webber are repped by , , Gersh and respectively.



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