Anne Hathaway RSVP’s For “The Shower”


Anne-Hathaway-2014-Met-Gala has signed on to produce and star in THE SHOWER, a female driven sci-fi comedy from 2014 Blacklist scribe . Hathaway will produce alongside her husband , with and producing for  Productions.

The story, which is described as Attack the Block meets Bridesmaids, follows the attendees of a baby shower that goes awry when a meteor shower transforms their quiet neighborhood into a flaming hellscape–and the fumes from the explosions turn every man into a women-eating alien monster. The group of college friends must set out to save their suburb… armed with nothing but booze and confectioner’s sugar.

The project marks yet another interesting choice for Oscar-winner Hathaway, as she continues to carve out a that resists confinement. The actress who was first introduced to us as a princess from Genovia in The Princess Diaries eventually went on to win an Academy Award for her performance in Les Miserables, before launching into outer space with last year’s Interstellar.

Hathaway has certainly proved that she has the comedic chops to make Schaffer’s material work, between her successful guest hosting appearances on Saturday Night Live and her co-starring role alongside Steve Carrell in Get Smart. Hathaway will next appear in the Nancy Meyer dramedy The Intern, due out next month.

Hathaway is repped by and .

Schaeffer is repped by Verve and Writ Large.


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