“Annie” Director Will Gluck Is In Negotiations To Direct R.A. Dickey’s Life Story


has started talks to direct the adaptation of R.A. Dickey’s memoir, for Sony and TriStar. The project is being produced by former The O.C. brothers and and their and Gluck for his Olive Bridge Entertianment. has written the script.

Dickey has led an interesting life, and was one of the featured pitchers in the baseball documentary, Knuckleball. Originally courted by the Texas Rangers with a huge signing bonus, Dickey’s career almost ended before it began when doctors discovered that he was missing a ligament in his elbow. With his contract taken away, Dickey had to recognize that in a modern baseball league that prized speed over anything else, he would have to adapt if his arm would survive more than one season. What followed is one of the better real-life underdog stories ever told.

Dickey changed his throwing style to preserve his arm and adopted (and perfected) his knuckleball, a pitch that sacrifices speed for confusion. Most fastballs are straight that clock in at 90 miles/hour or above, while the knuckleball requires the pitcher to “push” the ball at around 50 miles/hour with minimum spin in order to let the stitching and air current randomly change the vertical trajectory of the ball, tricking the batter into swinging too high or too low. Used more widely before the seventies, Dickey is one of the only modern pitchers to use the knuckleball.

Gluck has a solid career at Sony and its subsidiaries. He got his start with light comedies for Screen Gems before Sony offered him last year’s Annie reboot, which seems to have made him a busy man, as he currently has over a dozen projects in . He is repped by UTA.


Lance Boyle | Staff Writer

This news was first reported by TheWrap.


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