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We’re nine episodes into season two of ANOTHER PERIOD and Lillian may have finally found a new husband to save the Bellacourt family fortune in the form of a media mogul on his deathbed named Laverne. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Frederick go to extremes (that could not possibly end well) in order to stop sleeping with one another. This episode did what the show has always done best: a smooth mix of nods to current political and pop culture topics alongside a solid lambasting of century-old behavior.


The cameos continue to shine as well this week. First, we’re introduced to Laverne’s young and beautiful grandson, Bertram, played by Andrew Rannells, best known for playing one of Lena Dunham’s BFF’s on girls. Rannells is a fantastic performer in general but this might be one of my favorite roles he’s ever done. So often, when an actor is known for playing an openly gay character they can be type-casted in the future. Rannells here is charming and funny and obsessed with Hortense in his role as Bertram, the true manager of Laverne’s many newspapers and he wants Hortense to write for him. The back and forth between Hortense and Bertram is fantastic, infuriating Lillian who is also instantly attracted to the newspaper magnate. Lillian quizzes Bertram about his love for Hortense and learns that he has glaucoma. She wants him to be able to see so that he can verify to her that she is the attractive sister, and sleep with her as well. It’s not the most ingenious plot the show has come up with, but Rannells carries it well.

Things are a lot tougher for Beatrice this week. She and Frederick get into a fight because Taft is blackmailing Frederick with pictures of the incestuous couple sleeping together. He tells her that she can no longer live in the house and she bolts to a convent where she finds Dodo and the second great guest star: Jemaine Clement. Clement plays a priest who thinks he will have to work hard to convert Beatrice, but she naturally proves incredibly malleable. She and Frederick sing of their plans for her to commit suicide, as they believe they will be able to sleep together in heaven. When Clement’s character is asked about God feels about suicide, he tells her it’s fine simply to stop her incessant questions — which is obviously not true and I’m curious to see if his statement comes back to haunt him directly next week.


The episode ends with Beatrice’s baptism, Bertram being blinded thanks to Lillian’s insistence he have surgery, and Frederick announcing in a press conference his intentions to be the face of anti-incest with his campaign “2 Blessed 4 Incest!”. Finally, Lillian and Laverne marry but death is finally knocking on the door as he collapses in the middle of the vows. Their ship captain wedding officiant appears okay with it but we’ll have to see how it turns out as the two-part episode continues next week.

Clement’s performance as the priest this week stole the show for me. Maybe it’s because I attended Catholic school that I noticed even the smallest of jokes against the church, but I also appreciated how “small” the performance was. So often with these guest stars the performances are over the top, and they’re meant to be. The somber atmosphere with ridiculous banter played so well though with Clement remaining almost nonchalant in his handling of Beatrice. He lets her now that he can whip out a good “God-fearing” speech if needed but once it’s clear she’ll do what he says, he saves his energy. I can’t wait for him to hopefully make another appearance next week!

A- Grade
Season 2, Episode 9 (S02E09)
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  1. That’s not Andrew Daly -who did play Wimbledon on Another Period, and is fantastic yes- it’s Andrew Rannells, and it’s Jemaine Clement, not JeRmaine.

    Fortunately we all make mistakes and all these actors (male and female) are incredibly talented in this brilliant show so I don’t think anyone would mind too much.

  2. Thanks for updating the minor error/typo so quickly Emily J( or editing team) you can remove the now redundant message I left (I don’t know how).

    I enjoyed your article and this show is hysterical!!!

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