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ends its second season with a crazy yet hilarious episode. Last season ended with Beatrice and Lillian being thrown out of Bellacourt Manor, but finding infamy as the “Pig Sisters” after the newspaper article about them went the early 20th century version of viral. This season ends with the two returning to the manor, unaware that it’s been foreclosed upon, and finding fame as feminist heroes after they destroyed a bar. What insanity could next season possibly bring?

Let’s start with Lillian and Beatrice. Lillian, still in her gigantic wedding gown, goes to a bar with Garfield, but gets him kicked out when he begins to second guess taking her there. She gets spectacularly drunk, even though the bartender doesn’t have the champagne with the gold flecks that Peepers serves on Spaghetti Sundays like she wanted. She’s dancing and singing on top of the bar when Beatrice strides in, still in her nun outfit. Beatrice smashes up the bar with her trusty hatchet, but when she tries to grab the last bottle from Lillian’s hands, Lillian goes flying, hitting her head on a table and seemingly dying. To add to the absurdity of this scene, whenever the bartender makes a bad joke, the camera cuts to him with a musical sting and laughter, as if this was a multi-cam sitcom a la Cheers, which Lillian referenced last episode when she said she wanted to go somewhere where no one knows her name.


Beatrice drags Lillian’s dead body to the abbey. I have to admit, even though logically I knew that Lillian couldn’t possibly stay dead as the show’s been renewed for a third season, part of me was worried. Beatrice prays to God, begging him to resurrect Lillian. After all, he did it for his son. She tries several prayers, but none of them work. Lillian is still dead. So Beatrice decides to renounce God and smash up the church. She smashes the collection box, causing money to go flying everywhere. The money is what resurrects Lillian. As soon as the bills land on her face, she wakes up. The two head back to Bellacourt, blissfully unaware that the Commodore has just lost the property.

The Commodore and Chair’s dreams of spending Bertram’s money now that Hortense has married him literally go up in flames this episode. The two get into a fatal car crash driving away from the manor and since they’ve only been married for one day, there isn’t a will or anything like that. But their banker comes in with excellent news—their original fortune is intact. Dodo gave away all of the Commodore’s money to charity, but now those organizations have folded and transferred all the money to the abbey, which the banker thinks they own. But Chair just signed away the abbey to Dodo last week, after feeling sorry for her loss in the duel.

But here’s the thing—it isn’t Dodo’s name on the papers signing away the money. It’s Mitchell P. Spiritwalker. Dodo’s been having Peepers sign instead of her. Peepers is completely in love with her, but this episode ends with her having him serve wine to her and her new lover, the priest, as the two hook up. Poor Peepers. I wonder if he still has some sort of claim to the money now that we know his name is on the papers. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him take all the Bellacourt’s money and getting the hell out of there. He deserves it.


Blanche also has her baby this episode, but without the help of her husband Dr. Goldberg, who’s too busy smoking opium with the Prime Minister of Taiwan. She delivers the child all by herself, biting through the umbilical cord. But servants at Bellacourt Manor only get seven minutes of maternity leave, so she has to go back to work before she can even finish naming the child. That’s the last we see of the newborn, but I assume he’ll come back into play next season.

The episode/season ends with Harriet Tubman making an announcement on the steps of the bar Lillian and Beatrice destroyed. She sees it as a feminist gesture, as bars are male-dominated spaces. The two women who smashed up the bar are still unidentified, but Tubman thinks they’re the new face of feminism. She says the fate of all women could be in their hands, which is an absolutely terrifying thought. It was an amusing end to an overall strong season. Another Period remains one of my favorite shows and I’ll definitely be watching next season.

Season 2, Episode 11 (S02E11)
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