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This week’s picks up right where last week’s left off. Since Laverne, the super old media magnate Lillian convinced to marry her, died during the ceremony, Lillian’s completely out of luck, with no claim to his fortune or possessions. Instead, Bertram proposes to Hortense, even declaring that she’s more beautiful than he could have ever imagined when he rips off his bandages to see his bride-to-be for the first time. To add insult to injury, Bertram and an ecstatic Hortense take off in the car decorated for Lillian, as Lillian grabs a bottle of champagne and watches in disbelief.

Meanwhile, at the abbey, Beatrice whips herself, even though the priest (who, as a reminder, is played by a wonderfully understated Jermaine Clement) has told her many times flagellation isn’t necessary to get into heaven. Beatrice is just worried about going to hell, but the priest assures her that she won’t be, although many people she likes will, especially Lillian, who sins all the time and doesn’t believe in anything. According to Clement’s character, she’ll be drinking and smoking and eating taffy at the gates of Hell—which doesn’t sound all that bad, really. But Beatrice is concerned and makes it her mission to save Lillian as well.


Dodo gets served with divorce papers while ladling out soup to the homeless, so she gets in a carriage to return to Bellacourt Manor to deal with it. Beatrice stows away—her idea of a disguise is just sitting there with a sheet draped over her head, but it fools Dodo. Peepers is of course overjoyed to see Lady Dodo—earlier in the episode we see him dancing with a broom he’s made up to look like her—and considers himself to be the luckiest man alive when she asks him to clean the horse crap off the carriage’s wheels.

There’s a random scene with Albert and Victor, which really served no purpose except to remind us that they’re still living at the manor. They notice that Blanche is pregnant and begin fantasizing about raising a child together, ignoring the fact that they already have several children with their wives. They decide to raise Blanche’s child, but only if it’s a son. If it’s a daughter, they’ll just drown her in the Atlantic. It wasn’t a particularly creative or clever joke and the whole thing just felt a bit out of place.

Beatrice finds Lillian, completely drunk, smoking and eating taffy in front of a fire. The priest’s words echo in her head and she tells Lillian that if she says she’s sorry for everything she’s ever done, she’ll be able to attend the heaven party with her. Lillian has no interest in apologizing—she just wants to drink more. Beatrice locks up the liquor cabinet, so Lillian heads off to a bar on the advice of Garfield. Beatrice, somehow looking absolutely terrifying in her nun outfit, questions the servant girl Mary about Lillian’s whereabouts. As long as Lillian didn’t go to a den of sin or a place where alcohol is served, no harm will come to Mary or her family. Run, girl!


Dodo goes to see the Commodore, agreeing to the divorce if she can keep a few things—the house in Prague, the eldest emu, and the little man that they bring out at Christmas to scare the carolers. The Commodore is fine with this, but Chair refuses. Chair wants everything, even the abbey, which apparently the Bellacourts own. The scene doesn’t come off as funny as much as it does cruel. Poor Dodo.

With no recourse left, Dodo challenges Chair to a duel. The Marquis de Sade breathlessly narrates the fight, giving their fancy sword moves improbably ridiculous names. Chair draws first blood, so she wins. She decides to give Dodo the abbey, calling her pathetic. An artist replaces Dodo’s picture in the family portrait with Chair’s, as a title card tells us that the story will be continued next week. Next week is the season finale, and I hope this comparatively unfunny episode was just plot set-up for an epic conclusion to what has been overall a strong season.

Season 2, Episode 10 (S02E10)
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