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This week’s episode of was funny, as this show always is, but it was a little scattered in what it was poking fun at. In this episode alone there was a take on the Manson girls (I think?), a Spartacus parody, autoerotic asphyxiation, and Hamish’s hidden talent of spot-on descriptions of vaginas he’s never seen before. It’s a lot, but a lot of it worked! I was laughing more often than not.

Hamish is still in jail with his cellmate Ron Funches (I haven’t been able to catch his character’s name), preparing for his death. He’s due to be hanged that evening, but he has a surprise visitor: the Commodore. Who has a surprising secret: he’s Hamish’s brother! I love the random soap opera-like twists and turns this show takes. The Commodore swears to free Hamish, trying to raise his spirits by reminding him of some of the fun childhood games they enjoyed together, like “Jewish lightening” (burning down their father’s things for insurance money) or “vaginal descriptions” (he guess Mary Todd Lincoln’s would look like an old man’s smiley face and smell like freedom).


Beatrice and Lillian are excited for the trial—Lillian because as Hamish’s former lover, she’s the star witness, and Beatrice just because she wants to see someone die. Beatrice prepares by shooting cocaine through her eyeballs so it gets to the brain faster while Lillian asks Flobelle, the sole black woman, to braid her hair. Flobelle shuts her down real quick. Chair wheels in—she’s testifying too, and is determined to punish Hamish for blackmailing her last season. If you’ll remember, Hamish is in jail for the murder of Scoops LaPue, but Peepers is the one who actually killed him. Peepers is determined to confess, but decides to have one last day of indulgence before doing so.

Lillian and Beatrice arrive at court to find a photographer from the Looky Loo (Perez Hilton) taking pictures of protestors. Hamish seems to have attracted a Manson-like following, as it’s all hippie-looking girls with H’s scratched into their foreheads. The Commodore bribes the judge to leave the case, as there’s a law that if no judge shows up in court, any public official can take over. He chooses Frederick as a replacement, but Frederick is an idiot. A loveable idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. He twirls around in his robes while proclaiming that he loves his new dress, then declares himself King of the Lawyers.


Hamish is represented by Mark Twain, who turns out to be a terrible lawyer, while a lawyer played by Andy Daly represents the state. Frederick goes to the bathroom, so Beatrice takes over as judge. She gets very into it, quoting Latin legal terms and providing an astute analysis of the law, but as soon as Frederick comes back she reverts back to acting stupid. Sometimes I think that Beatrice may secretly be a genius, but she follows this up by going outside and having a policeman tighten a noose around her neck in a very sexual scene.

As soon as the lawyer for the state insults Hamish, he bursts into a stream of threats ending with him simply shouting “Murder is my favorite!” Clearly, he’s guilty, but the Commodore insists that Hamish has an alibi. He was having an affair with the butcher’s wife and to prove it, he’ll describe her vagina. Hamish’s uncanny ability saves the day, as he correctly guesses what this woman’s would look like. Peepers burst in to announce that he’s the true killer (he was delayed thee hours by some delicious ravioli), prompting a Spartacus-like scene of everyone in the courtroom announcing that they too killed Scoops LaPue. However, when a black man joins in, they arrest him immediately, confident that they’ve found the real killer. It’s dark humor, but this is what the show excels at. And now Hamish is free to terrorize Bellacourt manor once again!

Season 2, Episode 4 (S02E04)
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