“Ant-Man” Helmer Peyton Reed In Talks For Superhero’s Sequel


It looks like Ant-Man director is game for another go-round with the size-shifting superhero, as reports say Reed is in talks to return for the Marvel Studios sequel. The deal marks one of the first for the company’s recently announced pictures, as the Ant-Man sequel, titled , was just announced earlier this month.

Initially a sequel to the Paul Rudd-led superhero effort didn’t seem a sure thing, though the film proved a popular new entry to the Marvel canon, with impressive visuals and abundant comedic splendor. Domestically the film earned $178 million, ranking it among the biggest of the year. Just last weekend, the intrepid insect made a huge leap in China, earning $43.2 million and bringing the world total to $455 million.

Reed’s direction can be largely credited to the film’s success, stepping in to mend the broken pieces left by Edgar Wright’s departure. Wright, Rudd, Joe Cornish, and Adam McKay received a writing credit on the first flick, though Cornish and Wright will not be back for the sequel.


The entire cast is likely to return for the phase three outing, which will hit theaters on July 6th, 2018. The film will continue the adventures of Scott Lang, who will now team up with Hope Van Dyne, whose Wasp suit was teased as an end-credits sequence in the first film. The pic marks the first time an MCU film was named after a heroine, as Captain Marvel doesn’t hit screens until March of 2019.

Reed, known in the past for comedies like Yes Man, Bring it On, and The Break-Up, is now cementing his transition into big-budget tentpoles with Ant-Man and the Wasp. He’ll also be essential in bringing the first film named after a heroine to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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