Antonio Banderas Joins The Conga Casting Line Of “The Expendables 3”


By: James Silverwolfe

has reportedly joined the cast of . No official word on what that role will be but I have my fingers crossed that the franchise has just gone full “Last Action Hero” and that he reprises his role as Puss in Boots. It would be just perfect.

The beefiest cast ever assembled also includes The Italian Stallion, The Stath, Dolph “Frankentstein’s Monster’s forehead” Lundgren, Terry “Peck Poppin'” Crews, Jet “Man of few words, but many face kicks” Li, Arnold “I still laugh at my own jokes” Schwarzenegger, Nicolas “Hell, I’ll try anything once or twice or a million times” Cage, Milla “Leeloo Dallas Multipass” Jovovich, Wesley “I AM Blade” Snipes, and Harrison “I just don’t give a damn anymore” Ford. And that’s just the names we know (read: care) about.

The writer and the plot is still unknown but Patrick Hughes of “Red Hill” fame will direct. Producing will be Kevin King Templeton, Danny Lerner and Les Weldon.

Banderas was last seen in “Ruby Sparks” and “I’m So Excited.” He’ll next appear in “Machete Kills.”

He is repped by .

Source: Collider



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