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As gets further and further into its first season, it is taking more chances and introducing more serialized storylines that play out across multiple episodes, as opposed to its run of the mill episodic fare with a bad guy of the week to catch. The latest episode, “Last Train to Europa” has a healthy blend of both, but still doesn’t add up to anything that feels that fresh or exciting.

We open on a boat called “The Wild Goose” out on the water at night. A young scrappy looking man named Jesse is out with a tough guy who one can immediately point out as some sort of criminal thug. What is Jesse doing out there? He asks why they’ve taken the boat this far out–they never do runs this far. Jesse takes out his cell phone and calls FBI Agent Charlie, telling him he thinks he is being taken out on the water to be killed for being an FBI informant. The phone cuts out, the thug appears with a gun, there’s a struggle and a gun shot, and we cut, unsure what exactly went down.

Murphy is in her kitchen with her mother and her son. Her mom continues to urge her to date Gideon, but she says she will not ask out her boss. Her kid asks her about the birds and the bees and she dodges the question. A good distraction shows up with FBI Agent Charlie knocks on her door saying he needs her help.

It’s a bad time for Gideon seeing as how all the news is reporting that he is on the verge of losing control of his billion dollar company. After a large shareholder’s meeting last week in which Gideon stood in front of them, delivered a speech about how privatized policing would make everyone rich, and then reversing his position mid-speech and saying they aren’t going to do that after all, it’s no wonder that he has failed to garner shareholder support and the Board of Directors is about to take over. This was organized by none other than Gideon’s old flame Lauren Fish. Gideon is leaving her an angry voicemail (“If you think I’m gonna sit back while you Winklevoss my Zuckerberg…”) when Murphy comes in to tell him of the mission of the week.

Murph explains that Charlie used to work in the 13th District and his informant went missing out on the lake. Jesse had turned government witness and his testimony was going to be key in taking down Louis Benoit, one of the biggest drug dealers in Chicago, who smuggles in Oxycotin from Canada. Charlie doesn’t know what happened to Jesse but the reason he came to Murphy and the 13th District is because he heard what Gideon is doing there, and he needs some sort of technology to process a crime scene five hundred feet below the surface as it’s too cold to send in divers from the marine unit.

Gideon has just the thing. A fifty million dollar deep space submersible originally designed to cut through sixty miles of ice and explore the lakes on Europa. He has someone go fetch it and interrogates Murphy in the meantime about Charlie. Turns out he was the reason her and Scott’s marriage dissolved. She and Charlie were friends and they made a mistake. While they are having this exchange, Ada gets a phone call from a familiar face. It’s her old friend the hacker DV8 from an earlier episode who, long story short, Ada had place a call that triggered a bomb, killing a bad guy. DV8 has discovered this and has some demands: either she meets with him or “I’m telling everyone exactly what you did when you had a man killed.”

Gideon and co. drop the device in the lake and after a few hours of searching discover The Wild Goose on the lake floor. It’s burned out and the device is too big to get inside the ship, but Gideon is able to cut a hole into its side. A body floats up on screen, but it’s not Jesse. It’s one of Benoit’s hitmen, the thug we saw at the top of the episode. This means Jesse could be alive elsewhere (or also drowned and like five feet away, but this doesn’t occur to our characters). If he’s still alive, then Benoit is still sending hitmen after him and he’s not going to last long. Murphy and Charlie need to find him before Benoit does.

When Ada meets DV8, he is understandably upset she made him make a cell phone call attached to a bomb resulting in someone’s death without him knowing. She asks him what he wants and he tells her he wants to stop the bad guys, too–starting with Gideon Reeves. He’s using technology to create a police state and steal their civil liberties. He’s kind of not wrong. He gives her some device to plug into Gideon’s mainframe at the police department so that he can keep an eye on what Gideon is doing. “Do it or every cop in the city will know about the blood on your hands,” he tells her.

Murphy and her team get a warrant for Benoit’s arrest and pick him up in some swanky restaurant downtown. At the department, they are able to locate Jesse’s exact GPS coordinates somehow and Murphy and some officers go out looking for him. They find him in a parking garage where Murphy impressively chases him down and tackles him. They tell Jesse that without his testimony Benoit’s going to walk and he’ll be looking over his shoulder his entire life. If the cops could find him, so could Benoit. Jesse makes them promise they are going to keep him safe and they decide to take him to an FBI Safe House a little ways outside the city.

Ada tries to foil DV8’s plan by sending Officers Brandt and Goss to his apartment on an anonymous tip. When they bust in, DV8’s not there but his equipment is. There’s also a security camera watching them enter his apartment. From a remote location, DV8 hits a button and self-destructs his equipment. What could he possible have on there?

On the way to the safe house, Benoit’s men catch up with them (how they know where they are is not explained). A huge gunfight ensues, and since they are outside the city, Gideon can’t send reinforcements quickly enough. Jesse gets hit in his neck/shoulder. They have to take cover somewhere. So where do they go???? YOUUUU GUESSED IT! The abandoned warehouse of the week! While taking cover behind some crates and slowly running out of ammunition, Charlie confesses he still has a thing for Murphy. The entire police force in the main room watching and listening, including Gideon, hears this. Murphy tells him all his feelings for her should stay in the past. Great time to have this chat, guys.

Gideon is of course able to save the day by hacking into Murphy’s police cruiser and driving it into the warehouse, giving her more firearms (she quickly guns down the two bad guys left with a rifle) and an escape vehicle to get Jesse to a hospital. Later we find out that he’s okay, and when Charlie stops by Murphy’s house let’s her know that they are charging Benoit based off Jesse’s testimony; he’ll be going away for a very long time. Charlie floats the idea to Murphy that she apply to the FBI, but she isn’t ready to leave the 13th District. But we have to wonder is, it the work keeping her? Or Gideon?

Speaking of Gideon, he has control of his company once more after the FBI decides to license his technology, boosting the stocks and stopping all talk of a takeover. “Watch out, bad guys, the Feds have some new toys,” he says to the news cameras before going back inside. Once in he even finds an apology note and a nice bottle of whisky from Lauren. But things aren’t all happy. As the episode ends, Ada comes in and tells Gideon she has to quit and can’t explain why. “If you’re in trouble, I can fix it, just tell me what it is,” he says to her. “No, you can’t. You really can’t,” she states as she exits, leaving Gideon thrown and teary-eyed.

Overall the episode was bolstered by its storylines that carried over from past episodes, like Gideon’s shareholder problems, his and Murphy’s interest in one another, and Ada’s old friend coming back to use her. It also set up an interesting plot for next week–we’ve seen the officers of District 13 in many a situation, but Ada has yet to be threatened and she is someone Gideon clearly cares about. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

TB-TV-Grade-BSeason 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
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