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Another lackluster episode of this week, this time involving a mystery murderer who is gunning for Gideon Reves at his own convention. We open the episode on a hologram of Gideon’s face, welcoming people to the “nerdgasm event of the year,” the Windy City Tech Summit. Gideon introduces new character Lauren Fish to the attentive crowd, who is the Chairman of the Board for Reeves industries and who happens to not be happy with the falling revenue of the company ever since Gideon took on the daunting task of running a police district while also running a successful billion dollar company.

Lauren doesn’t like Gideon’s new “cop hobby” and she doesn’t hesitate to let him know that. She thinks it’s bleeding money, and it is. Think about how much money Gideon has spent each episode, sometimes at a moment’s notice, pouring cash into these wild devices that end up saving the day. Lauren lets him know that if this convention doesn’t go off without a hitch, it could be their last. So of course that means something terrible is about to happen.

Right on cue, Captain Conrad calls Murphy in at the station to investigate a homicide. A twenty-something kid’s roommate called it in. He was meeting a guy for a sale he arranged online and wound up dead, the roommate found him. The only thing there is the kid’s laptop. Murphy tells Aida to come with her to the crime scene to investigate the laptop. Luckily the roommate knows the kid’s password and Aida is able to discover that the online sale was actually for a wristband to Gideon’s convention. The killer stole the wristband, is probably currently AT the event, and what’s more is they found a comment of his on the online sale forum saying “I’m gonna kill Gideon Reeves.” Yuh-oh.

So Murphy brings in the online ticket broker who facilitated the sale. The guy doesn’t know anything but when they threaten jail time for him he is able to come up with an idea: the seller sent a picture of the bracelet to the convention to prove that it was real. It might have a code on it. That way when the bracelet is scanned upon entry, the 13th District officers can easily track him down, right? Yeah, not the case. Turns out the guy is smarter than they anticipated. He’s wearing an “IR mask” made of LED lights, which surveillance cameras don’t like. Once he’s inside he’s basically untraceable. At this point Murphy suggests shutting down the convention, which Lauren immediately objects to. There’s too much money on the line. Gideon agrees with her, despite there being a man inside who wants him dead and for all they know may open fire on the crowd at any given moment. So Gideon decides they are going to scan the entire crowd.

Through some new fandangled technology Gideon rigs up, he’s able to impressively search an entire room full of wristbands to get a hit on the one that matches from the picture of the online sale. They quickly get a hit, a guy in an orange hoodie in the Southwest hall of the convention. Murphy and her crew respond and chase the mystery person into a stairwell. Finally they corner the person and it turns out–it’s a girl. A sixteen year old girl. It is evident to Murphy off the bat that this is not their culprit. The girl found the wristband on the floor outside a room at the convention and she only ran from the cops because she thought she was being chased because she was caught stealing the bracelet. But why did the bad guy ditch his wristband where he did? They enter the room to find a knocked out guard with a gun missing. Not good.

Now we have a killer in the huge crowd with a concealed gun. How can they scan for THAT? Lauren reminds him that one of the strategic partnerships presenting at the convention today was Milliscan, something that Gideon earlier remarked how bored he was by it, but will now save the day. They are basically portable metal detectors that you can use to scan a crowd of people at once. Gideon says he’ll lure the killer into the crowd for his keynote speech. Murphy objects, it’s too dangerous. Gideon says he’ll wear a bulletproof vest and Murphy reminds him it’s still a risk. “Yeah, a risk you take every day,” he says. True, Gideon. True. Gotta respect the men and women in blue!

An interesting dynamic arises between the two women in Gideon’s life. They are both strong but come from very different background. Murphy and Lauren exchange words about what Gideon should and shouldn’t do. Lauren makes it known that she thinks Gideon is going to get bored with his little project here at the precinct and leave, which of course disturbs Murphy. Lauren’s seen it happen with countless other endeavors of Gideon in the past and she’s known him a long time. This doesn’t sit well with Murphy, who clearly is starting to develop feelings for Gideon.

Gideon takes the main stage in the convention hall and begins to give a speech about taking risks in the tech industry. Meanwhile Aida is back at headquarters scanning her screen for anyone in the crowd with something metal, but the problem is there are lots of people with the usual metal items on them; phones, watches, belt buckles, zippers, etc. Finally, she gets a hit! A man is reaching in his pocket for something metal. He whips out his gun and fires, hitting Gideon in the chest, sending him toppling off his feet on stage, just as Murphy takes him down. Gideon is fine, thanks to his bulletproof vest.

Murphy ducks in after all the excitement has died down to talk to Gideon. He tells her the killer was Ted Griffin, a former employee at Reeves who was let go and became obsessed/fixated on Gideon. Murphy then asks Gideon about what Lauren told her; how he “loses interest” in things. Gideon immediately sees her concern and reassures her that all his life he’s chased the most interesting and hardest problems to solve, and while some turn out to be too easy, “this is the hardest one ever.” He’s not going anywhere. Then she asks “Who is she to you?” He explains they were classmates at MIT, he went into tech, she went into tech finance… She stops him. “No. Who is she to you?” Gideon tells her it’s complicated.

Cut to he and Lauren in bed together listening to music. So it’s THAT kind of relationship. I was actually kind of sad for Murphy. The episode ends with Lauren now excited about Gideon’s cop project, saying they could privatize policing. It could be a billion dollar industry. “You’re a genius,” she tells him as he stares up at the ceiling, conflicted.

Overall, the episode was pretty standard for . Bad guy set up, problem presented, problem solved with a combination of Gideon’s technology and good old fashioned police work. The addition of Lauren does make things slightly more interesting, and I actually felt bad for a character for the first time in the entire series. This is an improvement!

Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)TB-TV-Grade-C+
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  1. Breaking a routine by killing a character or bringing a new addition to the team , may complicate things positively and will probably inhance the story. I’m not a fan of Murphy ; she is pushy and over-the-top and she acts like she is the boss in the department despite the fact that a boss exists . Her pairings with other police officers is not balanced and I’m glad that she had her heart crushed. She is a mum so I don’t understand why can’t we see her interact with her child.

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