Arkham, Island and More from E3


by: Bucky O’Neal

Now in its second day, continues to deliver some outstanding new trailers for classic franchise installments and brand new content alike.

Gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham Knight would seem to promise an even sleeker, more expansive Gotham than ever before, with more of the high-flying, fast-driving, ass-kicking action we’ve come to expect from the Arkham series.


DOOM is getting its first update since 2005’s Resurrection of Evil expansion, and it’s… well, it’s DOOM.


A teaser for the newest Star Wars: Battlefront insists that it’s being made by people who love Star Wars. So, really, it could be anyone.


A trailer for the stunningly remastered Halo: The Master Chief Collection acts as a healthy reminder of why Halo is just, you know, the best.


And speaking of Bungie, they demoed their new sic-fi open world shooter Destiny, and with its epic mythology and “living” universe, it could be one of the most promising new titles announced.


We caught glimpses of a couple hot new indie titles, including Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, replete with dinosaurs and spaceships and neon colors, and Moon Studios’ Ori and the Blind Forest, a fantasy side-scrolling platformer with a super sleek design. Remember to show the indies your love and appreciation, people.



Lastly, the new Dead Island 2 trailer is possibly the most fun I’ve had watching a trailer in a long time. It’s still got the sick sense of humor of its predecessor, and this time, a total douchebag meets his much-appreciated demise. Enjoy.


For some more trailers, check out our first E3 update. And stay excited: there’s plenty more to come before the convention wraps up tomorrow night.


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