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Last night’s , “Honor Thy Fathers,” kind of functions like a season finale, though there are surprisingly two episodes remaining. Adrian Chase/Prometheus seemingly goes down, kind of in underwhelming fashion. But I guess he has to escape from ARGUS lockup or else the season doesn’t have much reason to continue on.

Anyway, the episode kicks off with a huge crate showing up in Mayor Queen’s office. The bomb squad is called and the professionals tell Oliver that he has to vacate the premises. Does he? Of course not. He jimmies open the box himself (an important skill that every mayor should have) and finds a dead body inside! Heck of an open.

As it turns out, the body belongs to one Henry Goodwin, who later is discovered to have Robert Queen’s DNA under his fingernails. What in the world?! This is as good of an episode as any for Thea to reemerge, and she comes back onto the scene just as her (not biological) father’s reputation is going down the drain. Oliver refuses to believe it.


The tail end of season five’s story structure has been rather strong. In one episode, the Russia flashbacks became the main event as Oliver was locked in Prometheus’ torture chamber. And later, the flashbacks disappeared entirely, allowing more pagetime/screentime for some of Team Arrow’s other players. For instance, Lance and Renee have developed a solid friendship, with the latter making sure that Renee keeps in touch with his daughter. In this episode, an uncertain Renee misses his hearing, though it could be because he’s been kidnapped.

Anyway, getting back to story structure, the flashbacks returned last night in Arrow with the adventures of a younger Oliver and Anatoly. Only, the duo aren’t in Russia, they’re in a prop plane descending down to that island for hell that Oliver originally found himself on. Here, we’re reminded of Oliver’s past tortures, including a mask of Deathstroke that rests on the sand. These props help remind us how far we’ve come in the “five years ago” timeline and were a nice touch.


Back in the present, it’s not long before Team Arrow realizes that Prometheus is behind the special delivery to Mayor Queen’s office, and assault on the reputation of Oliver’s father. But is there truth to Prometheus’ latest threat? As it turns out, there is and through a lawyer, Oliver and Thea discover security footage that shows how Goodwin died. While it’s unclear if Robert Queen meant to push Goodwin into a vat of concrete (seems like a villain origin story, no?), he doesn’t seem to show any remorse, and quickly gets out of the situation, hoping that no one finds out.

Thea, per usual, is pretty stoic. I mean, she’s had to deal with Malcolm all of these years so I guess it’s no big deal. But Oliver is more than a little shaken, and once again he has doubts about all that he does. Eventually, though, the team rallies and Oliver goes one on one with Prometheus as the rest of the team with Derek Sampson– remember him?! Sampson reemerges as part of a broader band of criminals who’ve been freed in the wake of the DA Chase scandal. Makes sense in principal, but the storyline itself feels muddled and Sampson isn’t nearly as menacing as he was before.


As for Prometheus and Oliver, their stairwell fight was okay, with Prometheus drawing a sword at one point, but not even coming close to using it. Ultimately, it’s not Oliver’s physical blows that bring Prometheus to his knees, but his psychological ones. Prometheus has always argued that he and Oliver are the same, as were their fathers. But while Robert Queen certainly did some sketchy things, he had love for his family, where as Chases’ father hated him. This truth cuts Prometheus to the bone and pretty much causes him to surrender.

On some level, all of this makes sense, but the fight itself and the way that Prometheus quickly surrenders felt just a little bit off to me. It never really felt like the Green Arrow was in mortal danger, and in fact it hasn’t for quite some time. The last time I felt that Arrow was in physical danger from Prometheus is when the latter had him in the torture chamber.

Anyway, like I hinted at in the beginning of the review, this definitely isn’t the last we’ve heard of Chase.

TB-TV-Grade-B+Season 5, Episode 21 (S05E21)
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