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Last night’s , “Missing” begins on a pretty positive note. It’s Ollie’s birthday and Team Arrow gathers together to celebrate. Granted Rene is missing, but at least Prometheus is locked up. All in all things could be worse in Star City. But as I said last week, there had to be a way that Prometheus escaped, otherwise the season would have been over last week.

How does Prometheus get out exactly?

Well, he has friends on the outside, including alternate universe Black Canary, Artemis, and Talia. With Prometheus pulling the strings, one by one Oliver’s friends get snatched up. Oliver did say that his friends were his strength and so Prometheus aims to take his strength away.

I’ve had mixed feelings about alternate universe Black Canary the few times she’s showed up but this time I think she’s used pretty effectively. Rather than focusing on Oliver’s trauma from seeing his first love that isn’t really, Arrow wisely shifts the drama to Lance, who on some level still hasn’t gotten over his daughter’s death and perhaps believes can be resurrected like Sara was. So when Black Canary shows up at a safe house where Lance and Thea are holed up, Lance is far too trusting, that is until tranquilizer darts take him out.

Later, Black Canary even gives us layers when an imprisoned Lance awakens. It’s almost as if this Black Canary starts to imagine a stable life growing up as Lance’s daughter. But, pragmatically, she made a deal with Prometheus and that’s all there is to it.

Diggle and Felicity (who appeared to maybe be rekindling her flame with Oliver) also try to escape, but are brought in by Talia, who don’t forget is also working with Prometheus. With all of Oliver’s friends out of the picture, the man is basically on his own. That is until Malcolm Merlyn shows up at the Bunker, concerned about his daughter’s disappearance. Merlyn is always fun, and last night was no exception. The two form yet another unlikely alliance, with Merlyn taking jabs at Oliver continuously being a step behind Prometheus. Oh, and he thanks Oliver for his missing hand, too.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is locked up in a cell on the island with Konstantin doing one heck of a torture . It’s not too dissimilar to some of the territory that the show explored when Prometheus had Oliver in his torture chamber, but somehow this time it feels more focused. Konstantin injects a drug into Oliver that ultimately makes him suicidal, as memories of the past overwhelm him. Luckily, after a whole bunch of bad visions, a vision of Laurel talks him down. With only one bullet in the chamber, instead of ending his life, he perfectly shoots the lock on his cell and escapes. So much from Konstantin’s plan.

Back in the present, Oliver is forced to free Prometheus when Ollie finds out that his son is also in Prometheus’ clutches. That was the final straw. Prometheus flees by plane and Oliver goes back to the Bunker to track his movement. But without Felicity’s tech expertise, that’s not as easy as expected. Eventually, though it becomes clear that Prometheus is headed back to where it all began for the Green Arrow — on the island five years ago.

The fact that it’s all coming full circle now on Arrow is pretty exciting, and the way that flashbacks have functioned this season, ultimately colliding with the present has been excellent. The flashbacks haven’t been this strong or focused since the show’s freshman season. And I’m pretty interested to know how all of Team Arrow reacts to the island and Oliver’s past. It’s one thing to hear about it through the years in snippets, but to actually put Oliver’s friends and allies in the space is pretty huge.

Speaking of Oliver’s past, besides Merlyn and Nyssa (who Oliver also recruits), the Green Arrow also enlists Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, who’s still in that ARGUS bunker, patiently waiting for when he can call Oliver “kid” again, apparently. A lot of last night’s episode functioned like setting the table. But surprises like Slade, Merlyn, and “Laurel” kept the episode pretty exciting and got me hyped for next week’s season finale!

TB-TV-Grade-B+Season 5, Episode 22 (S05E22)
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    I must rate Arrow S5E22 Missing as 4.50 stars out of 5.00. Outstanding set up episode to put all the pieces in play for the epic showdown between Team Arrow vs Team Prometheus. The assembling of Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, and Nyssa Al Ghul is a masterstroke for Oliver Queen, assuming they can put their differences aside and work together. Although outmatched on paper, Team Prometheus does have an advantage in the fact that NO ONE KNOWS WHERE WILLIAM IS. For that matter, where are Dinah and Rene? It simply was beyond gratifying to see the Dark Archer and the Green Arrow working together again instead of against each other. John Barrowman and Josh Segarra really stole the show this episode and they really made Missing an excellent penultimate episode to close out the season. I have no idea who will die on this island, (outside of Chase who seems destined to die and Black Siren who will live as she is a season 6 regular, glad to have Katie Cassidy back), but everyone else’s life is up for grabs. I wish that Wednesday had been a two hour finale as I can’t wait for next week’s showdown between Team Arrow vs Team Prometheus.

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