Aubrey Plaza Horror Comedy Pilot For “Nightmare Time” Lands at TBS


<> on October 9, 2016 in New York City.Getty Images

Things are about to get scarier for Parks and Recreation alum . Her half-hour horror comedy pilot NIGHTMARE TIME was recently nabbed by TBS. Plaza is set to executive produce and star as herself in the scripted series which she wrote with Darcy Fowler, Kieran Valla, and Seth Kirschner.

The series premise is as conceptual as it is creepy. The logline is described as follows: “Set in Plaza’s Nightmare Clinic, celebrity guests check in to overcome recurring nightmares. Thanks to advanced technology, we’re able to peer into their restless minds, and witness their nightmares in real time. But what is ‘real’ anyway? Maybe it’s all just a nightmare in Aubrey’s mind. One endless nightmare that could eventually destroy her and the entire world.”

TBS says that the potential series would feature two “insane” nightmares inspired by “the horrors of modern society” as well as “tropes and touchstones of the horror genre.”

Plaza can be seen alongside Dan Stevens in FX’s adaptation of the Marvel comic Legion. She can also be seen in the upcoming films Ingrid Goes West and The Little Hours.

She is repped by and .

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