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Last week’s episode of ended with Spencer getting a little bit too excited in bed with Chloe. This week, Chloe grabs a morning after pill as Spencer looks on nervously. As a departure from the norm, Spencer isn’t nervous because he doesn’t want kids but because he does. Given the news he received from his doc, this makes sense. What’s less credible, though, is that he wants to have kids with Chloe. Spencer’s squeeze says as much, asking Spencer if he really wants to have kids with her. When Spencer can’t even muster a few works, Chloe heads off to board another flight while Spencer and Joe wait for theirs.

I like the irony of this airport scene, with Spencer excited to possibly have a kid and Chloe being very much uncertain. What’s unfortunate, though, is that Ballers hasn’t really done the full work of developing and growing Chloe and Spencer’s relationship throughout the course of this season. With just a little bit more, I really could believe that Spencer, in the moment at least, would want to have kids with Chloe. As it stands, it just feels too far out of left field and unearned.


There are other surprises on this week’s “Crackback.” Just when Spencer and Joe’s Vegas push seemed to finally be paying off, our heroes find out that there are another group of investors making a bid. Sure thing Wayne Hastings Jr. falls off leaving Spencer and Joe left hanging. Spencer spends much of this episode trying to finally get through to Candace Brewer, who Spencer is convinced is still pissed about the unfortunate things he said about her several years ago.

Here Ballers does a good of painting Candace not only as someone who rightfully holds a grudge over the sexist things the former football star said, but also as someone who might also just want to impede Spencer forever– because she can.


I have to say I’ve really enjoyed Ballers’ subplots during the second half of its sophomore season. This episode, Ricky comes clean to management about his physical and mental health problems, with a blindsided Jason by his side. Ricky feels like a burden has been lifted and grins from ear. Jason isn’t too sure. Sure enough, the guy who came to chez Ricky excuses himself to make a call and speeds away in his car without looking back.

Maybe spiritual awakenings don’t matter in football.


Charles, meanwhile, walks into the office just as Seifert is headed out, boxes in tow. Seifert has been fired, which you’d think is something that Charles would embrace. Things get more complicated though, when Charles goes upstairs and finds out that while he’ll be keeping his , someone new will be coming in to replace Seifert. What’s worse, that new GM will have the right to pick a new number two.

Upset with what essentially is a lateral move, Charles returns home to Julie with the intent to quit. Julie reminds him that people who leave a should probably have another one lined up, but ultimately supports Charles in his decision.

This week’s second to last episode set up some pretty intriguing things for the Ballers season three finale next week. Will Spencer finally manage to bring football to Vegas or will his decision to leave ASM high and dry complete backfire on him?

Season 3, Episode 9 (S03E09)
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