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This week’s begins with Spencer video chatting with his Vegas flame Chloe. I gotta say, for a pretty well-worn sperm sample scene it was pretty original. As opposed to the typical go inside the bathroom and beat off to an adult magazine or flick, Chloe dances for Spencer while also commending him for taking his reproductive health so seriously.

Pretty fun cold open.

The rest of Spencer’s drama this week picks up where last week’s episode left off. With Spencer knocked down from Candace Brewer’s “enemy of the league” declaration, he finally goes to battle with his partner in crime Joe, who’s been pretty quiet so far this season. The Joe – Spencer dynamic has been one of the best aspects of Ballers, and the mismatched duo finally shines this week as they continue in their hunt to bring football to Vegas.


Only problem — Spencer and Joe are being pulled in two different directions. Just as they agree to meet Wayne Hastings Jr. in two hours, Spencer finds out that the Cowboys are threatening to release Vernon if he doesn’t distance himself from the weed business. Spencer finds this out as he’s using Joe’s phone and so naturally, he barks at Vernon (like we’ve never seen him barks), and chucks the phone out of the car. Whoops.

These are the kind of fun moments that I’ve missed this season as Joe and Spencer have been mostly kept apart. Spencer and Joe head over to chew Vernon out, but they forget that the clock is ticking with Wayne Hastings Jr.


Away from this A , Seifert and Charles continue to clash over how to manage the team. Charles prospect Kisan but Seifert rebuffs him. Not only that, Seifert makes it clear how the pecking order works and Charles is at the bottom. Jason does help Kisan go to a workout, where Kisan is put through the ringer by a no nonsense trainer/coach

Ricky, meanwhile, this episode, struggles with his memory for some reason. He’s also left out of practice by his fellow teammates, which angers him. To make matters worse, Amber rejects the flowers that Ricky sends as a peace offering. It’s been good seeing Ricky’s father back on the scene, and after a pretty unstable force last season, this season he’s settled into being a solid source for advice.


Speaking of Ricky’s memory, things really come to a head when Ricky ends up in the wrong house, and punches a teenager he wrongly thinks is an intruder. I’m not sure where the show is going with all of this, but I would’ve liked more explanation about how Ricky got that disoriented that he ended up in the wrong house.

As for Spencer, he and Joe leave Vernon and race across town to meet Wayne Hastings Jr. They’re late, and Hastings Jr. isn’t particularly interested in hearing Spencer’s pitch. Spencer gives an impassioned speech and with the help of Chloe, convinces Hastings Jr. to hear him out. Next up, Hastings Jr. will meet with Bossman.

Last night’s Ballers was probably the most even episode of the season. I’m particularly interested in what happens to Ricky in the wake of punching out that kid.

Season 3, Episode 4 (S03E04)
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